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Deleting this blog is a brilliant idea!

Saturday, May 31, 2008
In fact it is so brilliant, that my stupid brain does not have the IQ to be able to think of such great idea. ;-)
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Maryum said...

lets hope ur stupid brain doesnt have enough IQ to implement it either...:-)

Urv said...

Sorry yaar I tried a lot to help u a lot. I opened up your blog page and pressed the 'delete' button on my keyboard many times but no luck ;)

Stupidosaur said...

Its OK dost. I know you gave it your best shot.

Sab IQ Dajiba ka sawaal hai.

Chal aaj se dono Shakhapushpi syrup peena shuru kartey hain!

Stupidosaur said...

(that was for urv)

implementation ke liye kam IQ lagta hai shayad.

architect design banata hai. mazdoor cement concrete sey implement kartey hain.

If only someone could give me that brilliant idea, deleting this blog would not be so hard after that.

@world in general
Hey wait, that seems to contradict urv's experience.

Abbey urv, apan dono ko aaj hi jaakey syrup khareedna padega. we dont even have enough IQ to implement the idea.
Try to find a brand that gives toothbrush free with the bottle. Then shopkeeper will not need to be concerned ;)

Urv said...

Shankapushpi waalo ko phone kar diya hai. Round-the-year home delivery ke liye bol diya hai.
Sona chandi chyawanprash waalo ko bhi bol diya hai.

~world in general (the world which stupidosaur had addressed)
ab aao. ab dekhte hain kis mein kitna hai dum. 10 ka dum. 10 kadam.

chinmai said...

if u do so .. u wud be snatching some time out of ppl who are nicely employed/engrossed in their plush IT offices by accessing various sites thru illegal means ;).. and hence with the time saved of not visiting few pages they wud try to involve more into office work and hence wud turn to be more fruitful for the company they work for... ;)

Stupidosaur said...

Oye Urvey! humey 10 kadam nahin, 10badam ki zarorat hai. Badam khayenge tabhi toh IQ badhegi naa!
10 ka dum dekhenge toh ulta humari present IQ ka thoda sa hi percentage bacha reh jayega.

But I think thats good for this blog. Long live the Reptile's Lair!
Go watch 10 ka dum!

Aur Shankhpushpi waaley se toothbrush ki baat pakki ki ya nahin? Nahin ki to order cancel kar de jaa.

I am confused now.
Aapki "Plush IT office" Mumbai mein hai ya US?

*Statcounter jasoos is confused...
Thinks for 9 minutes*

Oh I got it. Maybe the 'illegal means' proxy you use from Mumbai may be located in US. Right?

Solitaire said...

Good!! Let it stay that way!

Urv said...

badam se kuch nai hota be. Bachpan se kha raha hun. Par abhi bhi IQ panchvi paas se bhi kam hai. Logo ne tv pe prove bhi kiya hai :D

Toothbrush ka tension mat laiyo. Mera maangne se pehle hi un logo ne saamne se offer kiya ;( aur is baar to sirf phone pe hi baat ki thi. Face-to-face bhi nahi mila tha :)

Ketan said...

Nice paradox!

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