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Excluded out of the most important decision!

Monday, May 19, 2008
Sometimes I think depressing thoughts like

Why the heck was I born?

What the hallelujah (why use 'hell' just to fill the sound and grammar sequence huh?) is the point of life?

Would me and the world have been better off without meeting each other?

What the scale-of-the-taloned-claw am I doing amongst these homo sapiens?

But then even in the deepest valleys of depressive thoughts I have this springy brook of funny sparks bobbing up out of nowhere.

Q: Why is the most important decision of a persons life never in the person's hands? The decision as to whether the person should be conceived and brought into the world.

A: Because when the decision was made, the person had no hands!
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Maryum said...

its too early in the morning and i m still in sleep mode.so i m not going to start my typing marathon and just comment like normal commenters
haha... serious yet funny..but seriously we shud be given the right to come to this world or not...i swear i wudnt have come..lol

Stupidosaur said...

heheh maryum,

I have to gottttta comment here! Even if there is nothing specific to comment. And even if you are probably not going to read this after exactly 1 month of your comment.

But I had to do it. All part of a 'policy decision' you see. You will read about the 'policy decision' in a post that I am soon going to put up.


JD said...

LOL !!
"A: Because when the decision was made, the person had no hands!" Too good ....

Ketan said...

So, you did have a bit of humanity left in you back then? Talking of hands instead of talons? Can't believe it's just over a year since that time. Seems like a 65 million years!

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