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How to lose fifteen pounds fast!

Friday, May 30, 2008
I think I should write a book.

"How to lose fifteen pounds fast!"

It will come in a transparent plastic package.
Shopkeepers will be instructed to allow customers to open it only after they buy it.
All its pages will have the words

"Congratulations! You just lost fifteen pounds! That was indeed fast wasn't it?"

(The book will be priced at £ 15 per copy)
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Maryum said...


Kanan said...


I hope they have sense to ask you whether those are the lbs kind or the one that's euro's brother.

On a serious note, I tell this to myself every time I try to eat healthy and get rid of those extra pounds: "this weight has accumulated over years and months so it's going to take about the same time to go. I have to be patient and persistent about my goal."

Stupidosaur said...

aap ne keh diya, toh argue karney wala mein kaun hota hoon ? :)


Welcome back!

I guess we can make a 'cyber-age' yet 'traditional' song that goes like
....re LOL!....re LOL!....
May be it will be some garba for ROTFL mataji instead of Randall ma.

Oh wait how about MBA matano garbo?
After all thats what a vella MBA will do, right? LOL on the net whole day.

every now and then huh? :)

Which serious Note? Euro, its brother, ya aapka dollar, ya hamara rupaiya?

On that very serious note, mein bhi kahunga ki ya your funda is right.
Thats the new meaning of the old saying "Haste makes waste"

When you go on haphazard bulimic diets, medications, etc , you body just gets wasted away. Doesn't really tone down.

Sayesha said...

Bwahahahaha! Kya idea hai! Joote padenge joote! :D

Stupidosaur said...

I think I can easily outrun a bunch of people who are trying to lose 15 lbs. Especially if the stop to remove their shoes every few steps.

Waise bhi Joote se kaun darta hai idhar.
Its newspapers that terrify me.

And its the prospects of getting the jootey that might actually motivate me to put the scheme in action. End mein saarey paired achhely waaley jootey aapko gift kar doonga.

Solitaire said...

Thank you. I wont buy it.

Kanan said...

You and your ways with the words make me go *eyes roll in different directions and head gets severe head rush trying to balance with hands stretched wide on both sides*.

Very creative way to please mataji.

The serious note is called pound from the land of Queen.

I love food and I eat to live so none of the bulimia/anorexia(sp?) stuff for me. Thank you. I believe in what Jai Amba Juice guys say... err I mean Jamba Juice: "your body is temple, do not litter in it" and I agree with the haste -> waste stuff. Eating in haste makes a lot of waste. ;) :P

Ketan said...

Well, had guessed this one. :) But, nice!

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