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Bharatiya Ballebaaz!

Saturday, June 28, 2008
Hmm this not sleeping whole night kinda works like a psychedelic hallucinogen I think.
No I have not tried such things, or any such 'substance' for that matter, but I think this is how it must feel like.

I am remembering so many ideas that I had once upon a time in my life. So here goes one more...

Q : Indian Ballebaaz key naam bataao.

I guess you answer will go something like
A: Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendrasingh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, etc

Wrong!!!! The answer is
A: Daler Mehendi, Sukhwinder Singh, Harbhajan Maan, Mika, etc

'Balle'baaz. Samjhe?
Oh Balle Balle!
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Urv said...

Oye mamu! Bhangra karna bandh kar aur sone ja :D kyon nai soya tu?

Urv said...

Have you gone into hiberantion? :D

joie de vivre said...

Is dis a santa banta joke???
frnd dnt mind..par yarr hasi bhi nai aai..

Maryum said...


Bhai with Chai said...

hehe.. aaye haaye! :D

Maryum said...

was i hallucinating or did u post a new post and its gone now??? chinese log bura baan gaye? wat happened?

Stupidosaur said...


I am Mr. Bean. (yes thats often my statement in real world. today it appears for the first time on this blog). Isliye main nahin Soya.

Mr. Bean Soya hota toh Soyabean ban jata.

***Is dis a santa banta joke???***
Tumhein toh bas Hasi hi nahin aayi na? Mujhe toh Samajh Mein bhi nahin aayi tumhari comment

***frnd dnt mind***
Ab Samajh nahin toh Mind ka toh sawaal hi nahin. Mind aur Samajh ka gehera talluk hota hai.

Wahin toh dikh rahi hai woh post. Along with your comment and my reply.
I did not do antything to it.

You can't see? Maybe the Chinese hacked my blog :).
Just a few months ago I read how Chinese are often hacking Indian Top Secret and Government computer networks. I am flattered. I never expected my blog to be so important!

And in view of what I said to Urv, please note the updated list :)...


Maryum said...

mere office main i cudnt see minesweeper and chinese wali post.i refreshed the page but still no show. so i thought may b u deleted it...isliye poocha.. i guess office ppl sumhow found out that i m on ur blog half the day.. so they did sum tantrik thing....so i see the same old page without new posts...

Urv said...

Dear, I think its a problem with the browser. It does not show u the updated contents. Which browser do u use?

Ketan said...


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