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The Dyslexic?? Curtain Sewer Fair Lady

Saturday, June 28, 2008
I thought we first sew curtains and then we decorate them on doors, windows, etc.
But one damsel prefers to differ.
She is some leading lady in some old Hindi song.

She is giving all twisted and wrong lesson to her Sweetheart. And insisting very strongly on it.
" Pardey Sajakey Pardey Siya..
Bhool Na Jaana Piyaa...!"

I found the agent noun 'sewer' for a person who sews quite obnoxious as you can understand.
Tried to check if my usage is correct. And damn! What do I find? There can bve even worse confusion
Check the third meaning here!
How would you like to get your meal from a sewer?
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Maryum said...

from animals to vegetables to things used in homes to ruin songs??????wats next....

Ketan said...

Amazing man (I mean, lizard :P)!

That twisting of song was truly, truly amazing! Too good! One of your best posts in this genre (what genre is it? let's call it regrouping syllables)! Honestly, I'm extremely impressed with this, and I'm speechless despite ranting so much on the greatness of this quirk.

Also, the sewer things was good! But, there you were lucky, too! Serendipity?


PS: Too good!

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