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A Pril Fool

Thursday, June 12, 2008
I got a recent visitor Pri.
(The above hyperlink is 'magical' for those who discover its 'magic')
(And by that bracketed comment I dont mean Pri's blogs are so 'magical', (neither do I mean the contrary ;)))
(See if you can find out the 'magic'. Its quite easy actually)
(Repeat: Its the hyperelink's magic I am talking about, and not the blogger or her blog)

Anyways, when I was replying to her comment, I had to write

From this I wondered what blogger profile name would Aman Verma (The one who barges into the houses of innocent unsuspecting housewives with armed with a bottle of Pril) choose for himself?
Will it be 'Pril Fool'?

Then whenerver someone replies to his comments, they will begin as
@Pril Fool...
@Pril Fool...!
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Urv said...

Dear bhaiya,

The tag has been done.

Aapka punch-kaari velociraptor.

chinmai said...

haha funny

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