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Google and Yahoo search for marriage

Sunday, July 20, 2008
So let me tell you, that I am a 'phoren return'. Went 'onsite' from my IT company for 3 months.

One chilly snowy evening late in December, braving the temperature of -14 degree C and an even greater wind-chill , two daredevils, Stupidosaur and his Colleaguosaur are walking home from work. Colleaguosaur had managed to find a cheap accomodation, and was thus saving loads of money in terms of the Phoren Currency.

Stupidosaur: So what are you gonna do with all this money?

Colleaguosaur: Mamu (Yes he had taught himself to begin every sentence with 'Mamu' watching Munnabhai, because it seems to endear you to everyone), ultimate aim is to save more than Rs. 5 crore on my own, which is how much my dad has saved in his lifetime.

Stupidosaur: Uh-ah! So thats the 'ultimate' aim. Whats the immediate aim?

Colleaguoasaur: The immediate aim bole to mamu, shaadi karne ka, get married, after saving 3-4 lakhs at onsite in 6 months.

Stupidosaur thought bubble to self: Hmm long term 'ultiMate' aim, and short term 'Mate' aim. Interesting.....

Stupidosaur: So when are you getting married? Found the girl yet?

Colleauguosaur: Search going on...

Stupidosaur: Search? Doing Google search for bride? *acting dumb**and its quite easy to see through the act*

Colleagosaur: Nahin re mamu (No I am not putting words in his mouth here. The M word automatically gets generated out of his own mouth, in two-thirds of sentences). Search means looking for a nice girl, in India.

Stupidosaur: Oho! So you doing GoodGal search instead (notice the Stupid spin-off on Google search, just in case you haven't :))

Colleaguosaur: *halts for a moment* *smiles* Right said! sahi bola re ekdum mamu!

Stupidosaur: (Now in full swing, all mental cogs and wheels activated) So I wonder what kinda search girls do for a suitor?

Colleaguosaur: *stylish pause* Who knows re mamu!

Stupidosaur: Oh I know I know! They do Yahoo search! After all, all men are Junglee. (Yahooo! Yahoo! Chahey koi mujhey Junglee kahey.........!)

Colleague: Tu bhi na mamu.......!
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Urv said...

Sahi bola mamu :) But in the end, the search results would depend on the query ASKed.. ;)

Maryum said...

i read somewhere k yahoo in english actually means someone who isnt cultured...so in our language junglee hee hoya na!!!

Anindita said...

Sweet! :)

Nitin said...

Aee mammu phir MSN search kaun karega ???? beech wale... :)

Scribblers Inc said...

thats the most complex piece of humor that I have come across in a long time...the comic book narration is brilliant though!!

P.S.-mere ko bhi foren jane ka hai mamu...koi jugaad hai kya??

Trinaa said...

:PPPPP.. I used to use 'mamu' alot in school..n then sanjay dutt copied it.. ;)

JD said...

What dont you find some publisher and publish some book? You write excellently yaar .. it makes me laugh no matter how much I am bored by work .... Seriously if Chetan Bhagat like person can become best selling author, you will also definetely become the same .. Keep it up ...

Ketan said...

:) @ goodGAL search! That was real quick! No replies to anyone on this post?

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