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Whooop Whooop Whooop ...... minesweeper world record here I come! ;)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

And now this!
So , it took about 8 days to reduce my time by 5 seconds from the previous 146 seconds.
And it took only next 30 minutes or so to slash down the time by an additional 9 seconds to set new record of 132 seconds!
It must be that papaya milkshake and chickoo milkshake I had this evening.
The present world record for minesweeper in 38 seconds (expert level, which is the one I am playing here). Going by my current wave of exponentially increasing margins of time improvement, I should be able to break it by daybreak or even earlier.
But unfortunately, I am not going to ride the fruit milkshake wave that I am currently on and am going off to sleep.
So Thirty Eight Seconds, we shall meet some other day (or night, like this one).
So long Mr. World Record! (so that the record does not get any shorter)
Farewell Mr. Stupidosaur! (so that you beat that stupid 38 seconds)
And good night blog readers, if there are any in this part of the world.
And good blog readers , if there are any in part of the world.
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Urv said...

Way to go bhai. Way to go :D

U can also try an additional doze of our Shankpushpi along with the milkshakes :)

Stupidosaur said...

Mujhe 'bheja' nahin.
Fir bhi tuney Shankhpushpi bheja nahin :P
Ab toh milkshake sey hi kam chalana padega


Ketan said...

Does shankhpushpi help or not?

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