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It can't get better than this

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Ladies, don't you all wish your man would keep getting better and bettter?
Well at everything that matters to you.

But be careful. If he keeps getting better and better, till he will reach his limit. Then he will turn into a razor or some shaving device!

"Gillette - The best a man can get"

But maybe you will not mind. Earlier he caressed your legs. Same will continue.
With a slight difference. Earlier, it happened after you shaved your legs. Now it will be during maybe
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Scribblers Inc said...

Do I see the alter ego of an advert genius taking shape?Or is it someone who likes whizzing around in taxis long enough, staring at billboards, till they were almost ready to jump out at you...hmmm...I wonder...

Scribblers Inc.

P.S.- :)

Paradox Philic said...

U r going in my blogroll..
do i have the permission???

Think Tank said...

God .....where do u get these ideas ...gross shaving my legs ..yuck..but cudn't help laughing ...hats off

rantravereflect/ jane said...

well, i read it twice to understand..

friggyn pervert! but well, look who's talking ;)

loved it!

Unknown said...

Speaking in analog devices, if a person were to have positive feedback continuously, he would be unstable and explode. D:

We need substance and stability, so that means a DC level and a negative feedback. Now, that's what I call "getting better".

Nitin said...

hahahahah... free mein gillette ka ad.

Ketan said...

Feeling like taking back my sorry at tit for kat. But will let it stay with you, though it's no good for you, or maybe 'cuz it's no good for you! :P

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