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A genuine and wonderful reason to watch a movie!

Thursday, August 28, 2008
This is a true story of a son of my father's office friend. The kid really hated Shah Rukh Khan and made it a point not to watch his movies. This incident happened when he was in school.

So one day, when my father's friend returned from work he was surprised to see his son watching a Shah Rukh Khan movie.

"Son, I thought you hate Shah Rukh Khan?"
"I do"
"So how come you are watching his movie today?"
"Oh well. You see at the end of this movie, he dies. So."
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Neetal said...

Wah Wah !

hahahha !

(Haave thee aaj comment post karish for your every post ! ;)

Common Sense said...


Stupidosaur said...

Thanku Thanku!
Is it for real?

(Haave thee aaj counter-comment post karish for your every comment! ;)

Vaudevillian said...

I can just hope they make ranbir "look at me" kapoor jump off a cliff or something.

Scribblers Inc said...

thats one great kid...Ranbir Kapoor trying to run through the wall ten times in a row would be a top grosser I guess...

Scribblers Inc.

Solitaire said...

Please swear to me that you did not get inspiration for this post from me.

I have always said that I loved Devdas and Kal Ho Na Ho for the fact that he dies in the end, and miserably.

Stupidosaur said...


Whats the point? They will make him jump off from the cliff, but will tie a parachute or hang glider to him. Once again he will start his 'look at me' antics.

If Run-bir actually manages to run ->through<- wall 10 times that would make him look even more dashing super-dude.

Maybe 10 walls should run over him instead ;).

How would I ever know you hate SRK and like Devdas & KHNH?

Its a true story.

Is this a tit-for-a-tat comment? ;)

Nitin said...

Hmmm, that's a good reason to watch devdas....

Stupidosaur said...

Hmm still not good enough for me though ;)

Ketan said...

Okay, what I could gather is you too probably don't like SRK much.

Somehow, your blog has attracted too many Gujaratis!

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