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Aapkey Paison ki Hajamat

Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Nike Shop"
Translates to
"Nai Ki Dukaan"
(Barber's shop)

(After all, proper nouns don't change between languages)
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Think Tank said...

ROTFL..LMAO ...nai ki dokan :D:D:D:D

AB said...

Very right..! :) Hillarious..!
So is Adidas a cobbler's stall?
Ankle Das?

Stupidosaur said...

@think tank,
Heh heh I made this one when I accompanied my friend to one such Nike Shop, which actually had the name Nike Shop, unlike the nameless one in picture from google picture search. I don't really fancy brand names. Especially inflated ones. Inflated air cushioned shoes are nice, but not at inflated prices.

Stupidosaur said...

ADIDAS claims to be "All Day I Dream About Sports" but its actually one of the following:

Added Gas.

Suck All Dimes and Dirhams Away ( They reversed it so that people don't notice.)

Stupidosaur said...

Last comment was for you Abhinav

Stupidosaur said...

No I am not trying to increase my comment count here. I had to post separate replies cos I needed to make something for Adidas before replying to abhinav

Next was a disclaimer since I forgot to address him.

This is a general disclaimer.

I say again, "I am not trying to increase my comment count". ;)

AB said...

you are not trying to increase comments?
koi nahi.. let me do it for you.. tum bhi kya yaad rakhogey!

It is from the name of its founder Adolf Dassler Adi from Adolf and Das from Dassler..

Anonymous said...

The most expensive one I've been to!

HP said...

humne barber shop se joote khareede ??

Homer said...

WOW!!.. Adidas - Suck All Dimes and Dirhams Away was very innovative!

Stupidosaur said...


Yeah its the most expensive shops I wnt to, and its also one of the shops where I spent the least amount of money (Rs 0.00)

It is even more paradoxical that the two paradoxical occurances have the cause-effect relationship :)

barber shop sey jootey mat khareedney ki zaroorat nahin. Sirf rupayon ki hajamat karwao.

Actual Nai ki dukaan pe aapke baal ki hajamat hoti hai aur free gift lolipop milta hai.

Yahan aapke rupayon ki hajamat hoti hai. Jootey to bas free gift hai!

Bas aise hi *blush blush*!

HP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
HP said...

haan , vo to hui hi... or free me achhe joote mile. agar tum jao wahan to free ka maal humko de dena. ;)

Bhai with Chai said...

that was a GOOD one!

Ketan said...

:D @ :

1. Nike dukan

2. Added gas

3. ulta acronym of adidas

So finally monetarily speaking, is it all about miyaan ki juti, miyaan ka...? :)

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