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NEOwwwww! Such a ridiculous post can't actually be!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008
They say it takes one to know one.

They say it for so many sutuations.

Whether 'one' is a 'winner', a good scientist, a great businessman, a great ex-sportsperson selecting a sportsperson, etc.

(Oh did I mention 'a great programmer'?
Actually thats why nobody around knows or understands that I am a great programmer ;)

But what about 'The One'?
It takes 'The One' to know 'The One'?
But if there is another 'The One' to know 'The One', there would be no 'The One' left. Cos there will be two 'The Ones' for a very short instant, and then because of that itself, both will cease to be 'The One' by violationg its definition.

So I wonder how Oracle and Morpheus recognised 'The One' in Matrix.

Anyways, that was all fiction.
In real life, by the above argument derived from the basic idea or definition of 'The One', there are only two possibilities
1) 'The One' cannot exist and be real
2) If there happens to be a real 'The One', none will come to know it.
Anyways, whether The One may or may not be,

we definitely have David The-1.

And perhaps because of his name, he made so many 'No 1' movies
Shaadi No 1
Jodi No 1
Biwi No 1
Hero No 1
Coolie No 1
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Nitin said...

--So I wonder how Oracle and Morpheus recognised 'The One' in Matrix.

Simple coz they were two .. Morpheus and Oracle hahahhahahhahahhahh

Stupidosaur said...

Arrey Nahin!

They say it takes one to know one.
The >-one-< in that saying means one of some kind. So if we are talking about a one who is The One,
we need another The One to know that The One.

Neither Morpheus nor Oracle is The One. So how can they know The One? There can be only one The One. As soon as there is some other The One to know the first The One, the first and second The One no longer remain The One by implicit definition of The One!

I think I am repeating the post in comment now!

Solitaire said...


Stupidosaur said...

funny you actually found this funny. I was just writing some nonsense. The source of inspiration for that nonsense has just a small passing refernce in the post.

You actually found this funny. Good :)

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