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Yay! I "Draw an Award"!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I know the title does not seem very catchy. I chose it just because Draw an Award is a palindrome.

Totally out of the blue I have been given a blogger award!I say totally out of the blue because thats the colour of the blog template of the young lady who gave it to me.

Meet my patron: Heer Pathak alias Hydrogen Pops.

(Wait, since she is female, shouldn't I call her a matron instead of patron? Naah it will sound aunty types and I will get an excahnge offer from HP. She will take back the award and give me a sound beating in exchange. So lets stick to 'patron'. More so in veiw of my post on gender pecific language.)

She is a young lady who dearly loved her school and misses it bad. She blogs along with a cosy little gang of girls from her school. (Cosy and gang may not seem to go together, but thats what they seem to be ;-) )

She writes whatever is on her mind- friends, incidents, anecdotes, thoughts. The posts have a light funny friendly feel and reinforce what she claims to be: plump.happy-go-lucky.book-worm.cancerian. (Plump included as-is only too irritate you HP. Your profile pic doesn't quite reinforce it :-). Uff yeh aaj kal ki ladkiyan. Insaanon jaisi dikhna hi nahin chahti. Jab tak lakdi se bhi patli haalat nahin ho jaati, plump mehsoos karti hain :P)

She does have one quirk though. She finds my Stupid posts to be an inspiration for making jokes!!!

Me? Inspiration? Joke? Naah! Or maybe yes, Me for Inspiration is definitely a Joke!

All in all, a she is blog buddy to cherish and visit for all times :)

And here's what she gave me: :)

I have to pass it on to some of my other blog buddies whom I want to award it too.
But GTG. Awarding ceremony in one of the next episodes :)

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Pri said...


an award well deserved....

Keshi said...

Congrattz! :)


Homer said...


HP said...

abe !!! its NOT parekh !!!! its Pathak !!!!@!!!!#^$&((%^$() !!! HUMPH !! award wapas le le kya ?? haan ?

wow.. thanks for all the (supposedly) good things you said abt me. and the profile pic shows only my face so that u cant see the paunch. mere fatness pe shak mat karo !! i'm not those typical-aspiring-for-size-zero girls. :P

Solitaire said...

Admit it stupid.
You are an inspiration!

Trinaa said...

cozy gang!!!! yeaaaa...thats wht we are... :)) :))

Ketan said...

Did you forget to mention in the post that 'I', 'Yay' and 'draw n award' are all palindromes? I know you gave the hint, but...

But I actually noticed that without your mentioning. :)

Ever wondered, single-lettered words are palindromes by default! :P

Congratulations on the award!

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