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The nightmare of a dream

Thursday, October 9, 2008
When a person dreams of Something, we can say the dream has come true when that Something happens.

Q: If the only thing a person dreams of is his/her dream coming true, when can the person's dream be said to have come true?

A: When the dream comes true.

Q: Yeah but when can we say the dream has come true?

A: When the dream comes true!!

Q: That what I am asking! When can we say the person's dream has come true?

A: When the dream comes true!!!

Q: Argghhh! Thats what I am asking about. When.........
Any way out of this mess ? :)
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Keshi said...

**Any way out of this mess ?

yeah, when the dream comes true!!



HP said...

yes. knowing the dream whose coming true the dreamer is dreaming.

Cяystal said...

A person's dream comes true when it does come true.Simple

(Now say,All my words are of 5- alphabets..hee haw! :P)

AB said...

can I ask who was talking to who?

Stupidosaur said...

But we face a problem of causality here. When you dream of Something, the 'dream comes true' a moment after that Something happens.

But when the only Dream is of dream coming true, the Dream can't come true as long as the dream doesn't come true. But the dream can't come true because the dream is nothing but the Dream, capitalised and small-cased above just for convenience.

tragic. lol!


thats the problem. There is no other dream the dreamer is dreaming. The dream itself is of 'dream coming true' !

It can't be so simple. For the simple reason that my post contained some 7 and 8 letter words (Omigosh!) ;)

I think its two hypothetical beings. Which real would 'dream' about only 'dream' coming true, without any definition of dream. Such a viscious circle of a dream eh?

Or maybe its just one hypothetical being, not two, having split personality, apart from having other mental problems like dreaming only of dream coming true.

P.S: Stupidosaur is a hypothetical being.
P.P.S: I am not.

Chriz said...

stop sleeping

kartoos said...

good one :D

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

wait till the dream comes true :P

Ketan said...

I'm not sure if dream can be watched in 'second' or 'third' person. As in you cannot get depersonalized to actually watch that your own dream is coming true. You can only 'feel' the happiness that one would feel on one's dream coming true.

So someday, if you wake up some day feeling the same exhilaration that you'd felt feeling your dream of dream coming true, without any reason, and if you think of your dream, that's closest you could come to the situation you've asked for! ;)

Nice, original paradox!

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