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Opposites attract

Tuesday, October 14, 2008
If I think I am so good, I should prove myself!

If I think I am not so good, I should improve myself!

prove X improve ?

Such odd possibilities of opposites attract me is all I meant in the post title ;)!

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Chriz said...

opposite of oppo sit is oppo stand...

hehe man... good one

HP said...

If I think I am so good, I wouldn't have sense enough to want to prove it.

If I think I am not so good, I should crib, get tensed, accept, and die (eventually).

AB said...

Opposites may attract but this attraction may not be very friendly!



Urv said...

I was always poor in Chemistry :( Maths I like :)

Keshi said...

so wuts the ATTRACTION here? lol!


Iya said...

whats wrong with my name??? compared to what u call urself i am a zillion times better!!! ;)

Homer said...

"If you think you are good, you would be proved obviously"
If you think you are not good, you would be disapproved obviously"
does that make prove x disapprove??
or improve = disapprove ??

Ketan said...

I thought your post meant this:

When we simply try to prove ourselves, we actually get distracted by it and totally overlook the improving-ourselves-for-self-satisfaction-part. Did you seriously not mean something similar? You've all the liberty and opportunity embarrass me by saying you didn't mean anything like that! ;)

You know how impressive your manner of expressing that idea is? Wow!

But why attach such an imperative as 'should' in either of cases? :) First one--there's societal/peer pressure. Second one--there's no pressure, in fact we can indulge in so may psychological exercises only to evade that conclusion! ;)

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