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Apparently a Stupid school of thought

Friday, November 28, 2008
Appearance counts

Strange. I thought it never went to school.
-----added later to put the 'joke' in perspective.------

Without going to school how did it learn to count?

Jhonny counts because he learnt it in school,

(And of course I was alluding to how appearance has nothing to do with talent and schooling ;) )

Please note: I have continued this joke in the comment section too. Read if you are not already fed up.

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Abhi said...

Ofcourse (unfortunately?) it counts!

Kanan said...

It does, no matter what people say.

Stupidosaur said...

But it never went to school. Who taught it to count?

People say 1,2,3...
because they learnt to count.

Maybe appearance does not really count.
Maybe it just deceives us into thinking that it counts.
After all "Appearance can be deceiving." Right ;)

I guess I just extended an 'intelligent joke' further ;P

(When you don't understand or feel like laughing at a 'joke', you call it 'intellingent joke' :P)

Ketan said...

Nice one! I'd not been able to understand it without your explanation later on.

This just made me think, English is considered to be an 'un-scientific' language as against Sanskrit or Latin, both in terms of its grammar and spelling-to-pronunciation correlation. Had English been a more scientific language maybe you'd have been able to come up with fewer word-plays. :) But I think that's why I started liking English more than any other language. It offers a lot of scope to experiment. Not that Hindi does not, but the moment one starts experimenting with it, it kind of becomes non-standard, whereas, English remains 'standard' with disparate ways of expressing the same idea. For instance, what you stated would grammatically more correctly stated as appearance is counted. And that too 'counted' would more appropriately become 'considered'. :)

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