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Some new and not improved Stupid-o-sore jokes

Sunday, November 9, 2008
Friend1 (Emotional, Senti, About-to-start a Jagjit Singh Gazal tone): Lagta hai maine khudko kho diya hai. (sob)
Friend(?)2 : Arrey wah, tuney single player Kho-Kho invent kar di?!!!!


Girl: I wonder why men drool over leggy females?
Guy: 'Leg'gy females? Aha I think I know! Its for the same reason why girls drool over 'hand'some males :P


Said the Winner who was being felicitated with garlands:
"Nahin janab, mein yeh nahin le sakta. Mere guruji (coach) ne kaha tha, beta zindagi mein kabhi haar sweekar mat karna!"
People are at their wit's end trying to convince the dunce to accept the garland.
Just then his Guruji enters the scene.
"Lelo beta, lelo"
"Par Guruji aapne hi kaha tha...."
Guruji was quite familiar with the 'brain proteins got diverted to muscles' student of his. So this is how he convinced him to accept the garland
"Haan beta, par meine yeh bhi to kaha tha na, ki insaan ko haar se hi jeet ka mulya samajh mein aata hai. Lelo!"
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Think Tank said...

tumhare jokes ki faltupane par i congratulate u

Stupidosaur said...

Thank you! I take a bow ;)

Abhinav said...

ohh man! lovely jokes... i m melting in happiness
agar main stupidosaurani hota toh abhi ki abhi propose kardaalta..!
but as u said.. its a unisex thing.. so love u! };-)

Sia said...

you must seriously consider making this a career. you'll seriously go great heights!

HP said...

hehehahahaha.. last wala to ekdun phadu tha!

Keshi said...

HAHAHA @HANDsome males and LEGGY chicks!


Paradox Philic said...


Ketan said...

Good! Actually, the third joke should've ended only with his not accepting the haar. Beyond that it became predictable, but nice setting all the same. I liked first one. :)

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