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The week-1 at new job song

Friday, November 21, 2008
Indica mein safar karkey aaa jaatey hain karney kaam...
Woh... firney hi aatey...
Woh.. firney hi aatey!
I ruined this song in case you were wondering...

zindigi kei safar mein guzar jaatey hain jo makaam..
woh ... fir nahin aatey...
woh ... fir nahin aatey!
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Nitin said...

but ghoom kar chale jaate .. haan chale jaate

Cяystal said...

LOL @ Nitin's reply...
Kya baat hai :P

HP said...

hai ram !! killer!

Ashmita said...

I like your funny.
Its silly. Like a cat.
It makes me happy!

Think Tank said...

i wasn't wondering..knew u were on the parody ruinin :P

@heer hai ram ? omg :D

Anonymous said...

Waah waah...ek baar aur! ;)

Pri said...


btw do u 'suffer' in an indica?? :p

Stupidosaur said...


Yeah ;). Goomney-Firney hi aa raha hoon, is week bhi!

Yeah. 'LOL' at Nitin's reply.
But 'What?' at Stupid's post? :P

@HP & Pri
Wow, you two have used synonyms with opposite effects!

Umm...My funny is silly like a cat?**gives confused silly look, like a cat**

Well as long as you like and it makes you happy :P

@think tank
I know tt, you are smart. I just spelled it out for benefit of Stupid people like me ;)

//@heer hai ram ? omg :D
Yes yes, ram is supposed to be a God I know ;)

Well as you wish ;). Here goes....

Indica mein safar karkey aaa jaatey hain karney kaam...
Woh... firney hi aatey...
Woh.. firney hi aatey!

**takes a bow and exits**

No. Its the most smooth 1.5 hour ride (one way) between home and work, listening to nice music. In fact I used to 'suffer' when going to earlier company by public transport. The 1.5 hour is alo gonna be cut shorter when I move home nearby to the company.

@HP and Pri once again

No my indica has not killed or murdered even a fly in the past 7 working days.

In fact killing a fly with an indica should be one of the most difficult things I think. Maybe they should organise 'Kill a fly with Indica contest' and see if anyone wins ;)

Again @ HP and Pri

Pri called me a murdered.
Cos I murdered a nice song.

HP called the resultant spoof song a killer (not me).

So basically when I murdered the good song, it turned into an evil spoof atma, which itself is a killer. Maybe we can make a spine chilling horror movie out of this ;)

Ketan said...

LOL@ post and comments! Seems like you were very happy with the early days of your job. What happened then? :(

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