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Is this a joke?

Friday, December 19, 2008
A few days back I read a news headline in Times of India. Forgot to post it that day.

The headline read:

"Yahoo! India lays off more people."

I totally fail to understand why some people losing jobs is a good news :P.
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Urv said...

Kyonki unhe koi farak nahi padta chahe unhe koi junglee kahe :D

HP said...

arre they were yahoo-ing coz they got some real 'news'. ;)

Abhishek Behera said...

Sad. Either way - Yahoo(the company) is laying off employees OR some people are celebrating this with a "Yahoo!"

Thresia said...


Think Tank said...

Perhaps by laying off they meant cutting down on extra population flab ..so yahoo nahi ..of course the news was diff

AB said...

Was that a joke?


Cяystal said...

This is NEWS,mere bhai! :D

ghost particle said...

LOL see...this is a really funny one :)

Urv said...

You have been awarded :)

Homer said...

its ofcourse a Yahoo for Yahoo!
the best measure for cost cutting and increased profits - lay off people!!

Pri said...

heyy i did send u all a mail explaining the reason of making my blog private for a while...i mean no imp reason as such...just took a break off blogging for a while and made it private so that noone could comment and lure me back into it till i was all ready to come back :)
but its been a while now that im backk...so ur welcome to haunt my space again ;)
i told u im in with u guys for the long haul..wont let u forget me soo easily...
btw im flattered that i got mentioned in the sidecolumn on ur blog...but yarns???? hmmm :-/

Ketan said...


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