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Whose line is it anyways?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Today morning I received a call on my mobile from an unknown number.
When I picked it up, nobody spoke from the other end. I knew the line was not dead, because there were all sorts of 'usual life' background noises coming.

So as per habit I asked, "Koun bol raha hai"? ("May I know who is speaking?")
No reply.
Again I asked the same thing.
No reply.

I must've asked nearly 7-8 times, and was getting irritated.
Suddenly 'inspiration' struck me.
This time I modified the question.
Instead of asking
"Kaun bol raha hai?"
I asked
"Kaun NAHIN bol raha hai?" ("May I know who is NOT speaking?").
And I even started chuckling on the line.

That person immmediately cut the phone.

Its only after the line got disconnected that I realised I should not have asked that 'inspired' question so early :P . After all I get credited 10 paisa talktime for every 1 minute incoming call! (Yes Virgin mobile zindabad!)

(I am feeling tempted to put my mobile number out here, just to get incoming 10 paise from all of you ;) )
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Vinisha said...

Someone has a secret admirer. Nyaanyaanyaanaaaah! :D

I felt too tempted to say that. :P

AB said...

hee hee hee..
It could be.. umm. ummmmmmm.. Me!

May be galti se unintentionally number dial hogaya ho!

Pallav said...

start giving missed cals to that person :P


Word: reatersa

Pri said...

oyee dont u feel its time u removed the 'heyy pri' wala msg from ur sidebar...im well within reach now and even left u a comment on the prev post...but no reply from u nor have u visited me :(
i think its time i put up a 'hi stupidosaur' message on my blog :p

Pri said...

aur kaun hain jo tujhe blank calls de raha hain?? :-/
ahem ahem!!

Anonymous said...

Blank calls eh?
Someone has a secret admirer. :P

Abhishek Behera said...

What an idea sirjee?!!
Buy a virgin mobile and place your number everywhere - on the blog, on your orkut profile, on facebook and everywhere.

Better still buy your receptionist in office a new virgin mobile on 50-50-profit-sharing scheme.

Patent this idea for future virgin ads.

(Once again: bows to you)

Word Verification: rehesc

Nitin said...

Bhai dekh kar .. loog behak gaye kahin koi doostana effect naa hoon...

Chriz said...

yes put it up there bud.. ill even write your phone number in trains and buses and make it popular.. more ads more calls..

btw ill be back to blogging on 1st of jan.. have something for you then.. check it out

Stupidosaur said...


//Someone has a secret admirer

But that someone is not me.
So you are teasing me?

//Nyaanyaanyaanaaaah! :D

How mean! :P ;) ;P

@Abhinav BHAIYA

(Note the words in caps ;) )

I know you said you want to name your wife Stupidosaur, and I know Stupidosaur is a unisex name, and I know Dostana movie is very popular these days, but be careful before confessing to such blank calls, especially in context of what the blogger just before you has commented ;)


Oh no! What if that person picks up the call by mistake? I'll directly lose 50 paise balance! Then regaining that much balance will require the torturous hard work of talking to some incoming call for 5 whole minutes!

Stupidosaur said...


Jo hukum mere aka!
I mean jo hukum Prikanka aka Pri!
The blurb stands removed now.

BTW does your emoticon :-/ show contempt for my "blank call admirer"? Like "How could someone be of such poor taste eh?"

:P ;)

What is this eh?
MERE secret admirer honae (Avoided spelling honey ;) ) ki baat aati hai toh Vinisha bolti hai

Pri mooh banati hai

and now you

Waaaaaah! Waaaaaaah! Sob! Sob! Booooohooooo!


Kya re, us ad mein bhi Abhishek hai isliye dialog marne koh chalu karney ka?

//What an idea sirjee?!!


Idhar hum Virgin (My admirer prefers to secret only :P) hain. Idea ki baat nahin karney ki ;)

//Better still buy your receptionist in office a new virgin mobile on 50-50-profit-sharing scheme.

Abbey Virgin mobile does not pay me (or receptionist) actual money. My recharge balance increases by 10 paise for every 1 min of incoming. It can only be used for making calls from the same mobile @50 paise per minute. The 'earned' amount is neither transferable from one mobile (receptionist) to another (say mine) nor is it encashable :P

Stupidosaur said...


//BHAI dekh kar .. loog behak gaye kahin koi doostana effect naa hoon...

Bilkul tension nahin leneka. Jiski bhi taraf se riskylagta hai apun sabko BHAIYA bana dalta hai (See one of the above comments)


Considering you are flying these days, will you also put it up in airports and aeroplanes? Pleej Pleeej Pleeeej?

And whats for me? :)
Will wait and see!

(Was that an unintentional rhyme eh eh?)

Anurag said...

Roflmao....Intresting ...But why wd u go on for so long... 7-8 times...Guess that's virgin ka kamaal :P


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