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Yeh...Tumhari meri baatein..(What is that? :-S )

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Three is a company.
Two is a crowd.
Thats when one of the persons is Stupidosaur.
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Stupidosaur said...

No one comments on such posts.

Ketan said...


How do you count your 'one' comment as no one?

Okay, anyway, just before your comment was published, it was no one, so you're not wrong!

Actually, I was also not going to comment, 'cuz I didn't understand it and didn't find it funny.

Or wait, maybe now I understand it, when someone is only with you, they feel as if they are in a crowd, maybe because you would irritate them, or you'd ignore them to a degree that they'd feel as anonymous as in a crowd. And when it would be three persons, then at least the other two could talk to each other (and possibly, ignore you), and it would be a company. Am I right?

Phew! Kitna dimaag lagaana padaa. No wonder, no one else commented! What do you expect of 'others', eh?

Anyway now after so much hard work, I could say very intelligent post. :)


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