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Valentine Sadey

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Yes. The second word in the title is Hindi ;)
Nope nothing against Valentine's day. Just that I love to spoil everything including titles and festivals and everything else. I got an opportunity to combine the first two. How could I miss it?

Anyways, so on the Monday after the V-day....(Wait why am I getting confused, don't Monday's come after S-days? Oh yeah! But maybe in February they have a leap week, like leap year. Maybe in leap week there is an extra V-day)

OK, yeah back to the round and round point of the talk that I was making.
It was the Monday after the V-day. At office canteen, as usual I found a new group of bakras to have lunch with (I am still new to the company y'know! So plenty of bakra groups are still new to me)

This particular bakra: So how was you V-day man?
(Stupidosaur launches into an immensely melodramatic narrative about no such luck, apni toh kismat hi kharab hai, waste hai life, etc, etc.)
Stupidosaur : Ok so thats about me. How was you V-day?
This particular bakra (launches into an unnecessary braggy fairy tale of a yarn): Oh well ! You know I got calls from five girls...and I could not decide which....
Stupidosaur interrupts: Could not decide which credit card to buy? ;)\
(Guffaws all around)

(Now you also know why come Tuesday lunchtime, Stupidosaur will have to look for a new group of Bakras ;) )
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Keshi said...

so ur still around...good! I thought u stopped blogging and came here after a long time to see where u were.

Im not a big fan of V-day...how abt EVERY day? :)


Esh Dec In said...

Funny post, dude.

Finally after checking 13 blogs out I find one worth reading. So much for 13 being unlucky. Eh?

chinmai said...

hahaha.. nice one,...

AB said...

Ho! You r back..!!

sabki kismat kharaab hi hai toh fir actually luck main kaun hai!!!

HP said...


Ketan said...


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