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Sunday, April 26, 2009
Why is it called the bedroom?
For couples, should it not be called the Mushroom?
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Urv said...

Toh phir aaj se mein apne Drawing room mein sirf M F Hussain sir ko entry dunga :D

Abhishek Behera said...

is it why a restroom is called as a restroom?

ghost particle said...


Vinisha said...

May be because one is not known as Musharaff?

Or may be because at a certain point in every relationship, the bed is the only thing constant, the one is out screwing someone else and the other is sleeping on the couch?

Stupidosaur said...


Kya bey velociraptor!

Drawing room is named precisesy on that concept. Its where you draw people into your house!

Aur Hussain Sahab ka mazak!
He is a painter, and artist, a visionary, an enlightended soul, an intellectual (and yada yada things in similar vein;) )

Woh kya foolscap book mein chindi chindi 'drawings' banate hain teri aur meri tarah! :P



Spot on!
When I ask you, what do you usually do or what did you do on a particular day, you will give me all sorts of things as answer.

even eat maggi,
go to restaurant,
laze around,
surf the net,
read a book,
hang out with friends,
maybe even about your date,etc

Such myraid of inane things you will probably tell me to the ver last detail. I see them all around when bloghopping.

But the 'rest of the things', which you will never tell me, aree things you did in the 'rest'room!

(say something!)


What do you mean? Of the many, one is definitely known as Musharraf! And there are perhaps many more.

But then whats the connection heer? :P


Oh I see what you mean! We should call it Mush-a-Rough room eh? After all there are many flavours eh ;)!

Again, I am totally confounded by your second example.

If no one is on the bed, why would one of them be on the couch!

I can elaborate here in more details, but then I need to Sleep now :P

Urv said...

Okey dokey bhaiya. Gustaaki maaf ;)

btw, I just noticed that you have more words in the labels than in the post :P But nice labels there :D

Anonymous said...

dont know anything else to comment ;-)

Amritorupa Kanjilal said...

Stupidosaurus- LOL!

Abhishek Behera said...

convincing. good one!

w.v.: butstid

Anonymous said...

I wonder what I'd call the bathroom then... I mean, its like the most versatile place on this earth for me :)

Mads said...


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