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55 fiction

Tuesday, May 26, 2009
He tried pulling the screw out.
Nothing Happened.
He tried biting it off.
He kept on struggling with it...on and on and on and on....and then some.

Just then then she came by, serenely floating on her Hawaii Chappals. And it opened!
Because she gave it a twist!

(This is just a spoof on a person who commented on a blogger friend's 55 fiction that his 55 fictions are so predictable since they always END WITH A TWIST!)
(This is also a spoof on the concept of 55 fiction. Read the label for the post. If you are still not convinced, be my guest and count the words! If they are 55, let me know so that I can take the opportunity and be highly surprised. I have not tried to make them 55 or non 55 )
(Hey wait, maybe this is 55 fiction really. Because WORDS USED by me were 55. Others I simply threw about and wasted. I didn't USE them ;) )

@Abhishek SIM
You are totally free to reuse this idea to make a 55 fiction to shut the person up ;). Cause mine isn't really a 55 fiction, so you making one will not amount to stealing ;) )

One comment by Mads indicates that the post is a little misleading. I am not pulling SIM's leg.
I just gave him idea to combat his detractors :)

The label Doofus relates to the dumb guy in the story, though i now realise its attribution can be misunderstood here. I though of making it a label because I sensed it will find a lot of future application on my blog, sometimes on Fictional Characters, sometimes on Real Characters, but most of the time on this Stupidosaur Character, who is hard to classify in either category ;)

And yeah, apart from that the post mocks 55 fiction format. 'Formats' basically make me feel like this ;P

(Thats a very special emoticon, not a typo variant of :P or ;) )

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deluded said...

isnt 55 fiction still legal if the words are less than 55?

lemme count


alright. thats enough counting for today

I'll continue tomorrow.

Mads said...

there are only 51 words :|
i counted :|
or maybe im very sleepy since its 3:16 in the morning so i messed up

why pulling the poor guy's leg? :-?

Vinisha said...

Hoye!! I just publicized your IPL link on my Facebook and you gimme this?

:P Useless! I should have known.

BTW, I am supposed to count his blog words or your blog words?

I counted his -- they were 55 :(

HP said...

majjaa aya ! 'twist'. hahaha.

word ver: 'tesseses' :P

Mads said...

kya p.s. likh dala, sir jee....

Abhishek Behera said...


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