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The Inside Out Boy

Monday, June 15, 2009
There are so many persons out there you have never met.
Doesn't mean they don't exist.

There are so many persons inside you that you have never met.
Doesn't mean they don't exist.

Some outside you will never meet, unfortunately.
Some outside you will meet, unfortunately.
Some outside you will never meet, fortunately.
Some outside you will meet, fortunately.

Same goes for the many persons inside you.


('Nothing really related to post title' label because the Inside Out Boy was some cartoon that I used to watch on Nickelodeon)
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Anonymous said...

It was such a weird cartoon!!!
Nice post though :)


divsi said...

:):) loved this post:) so true so true!!

Vinisha said...

I have a weird feeling ...

This is as close to philosophy as you are gonna get

Nachi said...

aandar-baahar-baahar-aandar!! lagta hai ke tu toh ekdum conphused hoh gaya...

our stupidity aside, a post worthy of a thought.


Mads said...

nice nice nice nice

chinmai said...

hmm..not so stupidosaur type ;) good post buddy..

Stupidosaur said...

Or maybe nice cartoon and weird post ;)
Perception of an inside-out boy?

True? So true? A fiction actually!
But sometimes truth may be as strange as, if not stranger than fiction. Especially the strange truth about Strangers. Within and without ;)

Maybe its just that this is the closest you got to my philosophies.
Or maybe this was the closest I got to your idea of philosophy :P

Anyways. Philosophies are ideas. There is no general 'Idea of Philosophy' :P

This was a food for thought.
Thought is synonymous with the mind.
And Mind, they say, is a drunken monkey.
So this aandar-bahar was perhaps bandar-aahar ;)
"Food for monkey"

Thoughts aside, this comment was worthy Stupidity ;)

Thanks. - (Person 1 within me)
Thanks. - (Person 2 within me)
Thanks. - (Person 3 within me)
Thanks. - (Person 4 within me)

"Hey you! You forgot me!"
"Me too!"
"Dammit what about us!"
(Commotion of The Others)

Ok fine. Maybe you did not meet them. Don't blame you. Does not mean they don't exist :P


@DadiAmma (Chin- Dadhi/Dadi ;), Mai - Amma)

Whats Stupidosaur types?

OK maybe Another Person wrote it ;)

HP said...

ye to mast hai

Anonymous said...

err.... Some meet you, unfortunately :-). so very true!

I was so busy with my blog template that i didnt check my mail to moderate the comments! Saw your comment on the maami-ism. It has been on my blog since when I started and the lines were sent by my sister because the columns looked empty. She tells that it was taken from some site. Anyways, the whole thing was just temporary :-)

divsi said...

fiction is always inspired by the truth called reality:)))u cant disavow dat!!!;p

Anonymous said...

I meet lizards everywhere...(un)fortunately(?)

Chriz said...

yusss.. many people inside us.. :)
nice dissection of my last entry.. many lies and a few truths to cover up the lies.. am I in love or not? time will reveal the answer..

i liked your careful analysis.. the first few points sounded all bakwaas.. but liked the date searching idea.. but again as i always say that the page is full of lies with little bit of truth - the truth will live on...

Thresia said...

Philosophical much? :P

This made me think. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on Earth should that mean that it is not real?" : Dumbledore
--JK Rowling

You're the strange case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, then :>

But something that appears irrational to our nature is certainly not existent, neither was, and neither will be.
But then, that also has a limit to our imagination, hence what appears may often not be the truth.

That, however, if not of as much importance as this:
If we pursue happiness, everything might turn out to be just fortunate.

Keshi said...

I loved it. Very wise! :)


joie de vivre said...

baat mein dum hai

chinmai said...

good good aur kya.. dadima jo bana diya :)

Pree-yea.... said...

I......Didn't get that......! OMG!! Im a brunette-blonde!! *Persons out here point and laugh* :P

dishantparikh said...

Many person in life you met, but still feel you haven't met..

Many person in life you haven't met, but still feel that you know from many ages..


♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

so true so true!!!!!!!

yeah i vaguely remember the cartoon!

Ketan said...

This is a great post! But maybe as we get old, we stop surprising ourselves maybe 'cuz we know not all surprises are not pleasant, and maybe, also because we start knowing ourselves well enough to not be able to get suprised. So we end up more placid and less (mis)adventurous.

Reading your comments, I'm seriously overwhelmed by your pun-y skill at writing!


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