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The Most Bunktual Student In School

Thursday, June 18, 2009
"This year's award, the honour for not missing school even for a single day goes to.....no one this year I am afraid!"

"Give it to me! Give it to me!"

"Whats your name boy?"

"Little Jhonny! Isn't that obvious? You are a character in a joke, and I am the little school boy in that joke! What else could my name be? Such a Stupid question!"

*Since none of the thing in this anecdote actually happened, the other character pretended that the above affront too did not happen. There is a rustle of an attendance record book being flipped through*

"But you have stayed home the whole year!"

"Yes sir! And through all those days, I didn't miss school even once! Not even on weekends!"

(The Dettol ad kinda bored me with its nonsense use dettol->never fall ill->be the kid who never misses school->get some damn prize for it (even if you are otherwise quite dumb and love having dettol on the rocks, with soda :P).
I realised that I do not go to school and don't miss it either .
Hey where's my award!!!!???)
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Anonymous said...

ha ha ha :)
You know what, every year my twin got the 'best artist' of the year and 'best artist of the school' etc etc, since Class 7/8 i think. So one fine day, I think it was class 9 or 11 I decided enough is enough, I have to get one of those! I could never paint, nor was i brilliant in studies, SO i decided not to miss a single day of school and get the 'full attendance' award, and guess what!! I got it also :) Did not miss school for the WHOLE freaking year!! :) :)
(Ghosh what was i thinking!!!)


Unknown said...

really! it was the most silliest award ever. won by those who had no life or are way way way too serious. i dont think the ad was for kids neway! it was for the mothers! :P

but i love the smell of dettlo. the color aint bad too. dettol on the rocks. hmmmmmmmm!

HP said...

hahaha ! nice hai !

i still miss school even tho i left it quite a few years back. damn!

Nachi said...

too much TV boy!! too much TV...

*disapproving look*


dishantparikh said...

he he he... I like the word Bunktual..:)

Similarly, adv for someone who has not missed the office for a whole year..and he got some performance bonus :P...you can also accomadate that too.. i am sure that you have seen that adv.. :)

Thresia said...

Miss school! :(

What was i thinking when i cut those classes? School is the best.

@nks said...

"having dettol on the rocks, with soda "

that seriously cracked me ... GG

Mads said...

hehe :P yes that ad is seriously irritating...
liked the title a lot...
and yeah the post too :D

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

lol!!! yeah i hate the dettol ad... suppose a kid doesnt want to go to school that day and he tries to fake a fever, his mother will be all " ghar mein jab dettol istemaal kartein hain to bukhar kahaan se aayega" or she will be scared her neighbour will barge in and say "dettol-waalon ke ghar mein bacche kabhi bemaar nahi padte"

Ketan said...


Anonymous said...

Hahahaa... One PJ! :P

Ketan said...

Sorry, had forgotten to compliment. Very nice post, indeed!

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