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Numbering of Shop Whose Days Were Numbered!

Saturday, June 13, 2009
Then one day it happened. A fanatical narrow minded party came to power in the city. (Just for this story, I'll keep it limited to the city, in national public interest. Nothing at higher levels). They banned all the bars, clubs, movies with even item numbers, even 'englis' dancing academies. Since they had never learnt to run a good administration, improve infrastructure, create jobs etc, they were now seriously jobless and wondered what to do next.

Then one of them had a bright idea! Why not declare words describing women's innerwear as obscene? After all some specific coloured specimen of these had caused major embarassment to some of their own kind once!

So it was decided that their party activists would go on a rampage and harass shopkeepers who sold such goods and displayed advertisements. The merchants were in serious trouble. If they do not display ads, how would people know what they stocked? Business would badly suffer. Displaying pictures was absolutely out of question! Here even the words were banned!

One such dejected and deeply troubled fellow came to his friend Stupidosaur. Problem solved!
From next day, they started displaying such signs:

१२ & ३५ available !

No they were not referring to sizes of any kind :P

(Hint! Hint! Since the numbers are written in Hindi, they are supposed to be read in Hindi!)

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AB said...

read! hehe! baaraah paaanteeees!

(just to make others understand.. the world is not that intelligent)

Stupidosaur said...

Ah my friend! You are underestimating people!

Insignia said...


First time here..

Advertising panties in a creative way!! Toooo good:-)

- Insignia

Anonymous said...

wtf!! this is absolutely hilarious!!


Nitin said...

too gud

Anonymous said...


Amrita~Ams said...


Nachi said...

smart Stupid!!

funny mate...its nice to come back to blogsville and have you be 'good' for a change. so how have you been doing (i.e. apart from finding innovative ways to sell underwear)?


Thresia said...

:D You are probably gonna be an underwear salesman for the rest of your life, you're that good.

Unknown said...

hehehe! brilliant stufff! :D

a women's grp did not support posters of 90% nude men selling men's underwear across the city. since they had no work this weekend, they decided to take out rallies and demanded all shops to take off posters.

Now businessmen were in trouble. they didnt know what to do. how will they sell without showing ads.
so they did this:

14s available. (read in hindi with a bengali accent and remember to add the plural thingy!)

HP said...

damnit !!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!

Anonymous said...


Maya said...

that was funny,,

Amey said...

I wish somebody would now come up with "12:35 Down - The Last Local" ;)

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

lol lol lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i figured it before i read the hint!!!!!!!!!!!


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