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One woman's poison is another man's...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
North Indian Aunty: "Oye Kalmuhe! Kambakhqt! Keeedey Padey Tere Mooh Mein, Keeday!"

Chinese Guy :"Thank you, thank you" (Slurp!)
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Ketan said...

This was good! Fun and nutritious. :)

Ketan said...

Also, it is not good to generalize and stereotype like that. Even a North Indian 'uncle' or a 'bitiya' can talk like that.

Stupidosaur said...

Naah, "Kalmuhe" and "Keedey Padey" sound like a typically Aunty thingie to me.

I believe north Indian uncle would have other choicest of things to utter, involving mammals much more evolved than insects and even monkeys and biological process quite different from insect infestations :P

Bitiya and Aunty- not much difference, except the screeching frequency :P

But you are right we must avoid stereotypes. Make that Chinese Biped instead of Chinese Guy.

Wait, cut that! I think Pandas can walk biped and bamboos aren't insects!

Ketan said...

LOL, Stupidosaur! I'd posted my reply to your response on my post--'Residua'. Directing you there since, I've a request for you in there, and I'm serious about it.


Ketan said...

Well, I do have another request for you--please, if possible, do respond to my other posts tagged 'philosophy' and/or 'atheism'. Largely, they're at the level you'd not be gaining much reading them, but otherwise I'd be interested in where and how you differ from me.

Also, I might be overstepping my right in expecting things off you, but I'd be very happy to see more elaborate, insightful, and somewhat less frivolous posts from you 'cuz you're capable of much better writing.

And though this might not exactly be an incentive for you, when you do that, you'll get at least one dedicated reader.


♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...


i got this one!


♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

and you got one dedicated reader here stupidosaur, for exactly the way you write!!!

im not gonna read philosophy

*makes a face*

divsi said...

hehhee:) awsum as usual:)

Srishti said...

Huh! Moya!

Only Vimal said...

How true.

Chinese can eat anything.

Want to see some pics of what they eat? I took some pics when I was there.. yuuuk

Tabitha said...

Okie... Tis is exactly the reason y i follow ur blog!!! U neva cease to surprise!!!

Anonymous said...

haahhaaahhaa.....this one really lighted up my mood.... :-)
I hope ki tumhe kabhi keede na pade ;-)

Anonymous said...

A slight correction, as one would say, to your concepts:
North Indian Lingo(which is not Lingo at all, so as to say):
1)"Tumhare" : 'tu'/'tere' is not N.Indian
2)"Oye": No Oyes for me. Bleh.
3)Muh, not moooh
4)Plus, Kambakhqt is not N.Indian I'd say.

So faults account for 50% of that sentence and hence its not funny.

plus,In times of such communication mathods and traditional diversity(not to say of rational adaptation) generalisations are more often than not faulty...and give labels and names.
and hence this is unfunny.

I've been here since I was born, and can you imagine me speaking all that?
and hence this is unfunnier still :-/

Who all kalmuhes constitute of the "some" your post label speaks of? :)
(Now kalmuhe I heard of first while listening to Raju Srivastava's mimicry and jokes)

Sore Score: 2/10 :O

AB said...

North Indian men would have said something in terms of maa behan to differ.. !

Pree-yea.... said...

The North Indian aunty is pretty tame..! She stopped at 'kalmoohe' n 'kambakht' :P

Vinisha said...

Hmmm... Serious stupidosaur?


One surprise post may be.

But as it is... melikey!!


P.S. About the post - Tee Hee Hee Hee ...


Nisha said...


Insignia said...


Sayesha said...

Kalmoohe = black-faced

Which kalmooha Chinese guy have you seen? :P :P :P

Ekam said...

Haha .. That was hilarious!! :D

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