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Don Ka Dushman

Friday, September 4, 2009
Read very carefully.....

Are Diwano, Mujeh Pehechano,
Kahan Se Aaya, Mein Hoon Kaun,
Mein Hoon Kaun, Mein Hoon Kaun,
Mein Hoon Kaun, Mein Hoon Mein Hoon Mein Hoon Kaun?

Don Don Don Don Don

Mein Hoon Don, Mein Hoon Don,
Mein Hoon Mein Hoon Mein Hoon Don..

Are Tumne Jo, Dekha Hai, Socha Hai, Samjha Hai, Jaana Hai
Voh Mein Nahin.. Voh Mein Nahin..
Logon Ki, Nazron Ne, Mujhko Yahan Jo Bhi Maana Hai,
Voh Mein Nahin.. Voh Mein Nahin...
Awaara Badal Ko Saudaayi Paagal Ko, Duniya Mein Samjha Hai Kaun,

Are Deewano Mujeh Pehechano, Zara Pehechano, Mein Hoon Don..

Are Yaaron Ka, Jo Yaar Hoon, Yaari Mein Yeh Jaan Luta De Tho,
Mein Hoon Vohi, Mein Hoon Vohi...
Dushman Kaa Dushman Hun Voh, Dushman Ke Chhakke Chhuda De Jo,
Mein Hoon Vohi, Mein Hoon Vohi...
Tum Jaano, Na Jaano, Maine Tho Jaana Hai, Mahefil Mein Kaisa Hai Kaun,

Are Deewano Mujeh Pehechano, Zara Pehechano, Mein Hoon Don..

Are Maine Kya, Socha Hai, Kya Khaab Hai Meri Aankhon Mein,
Tum Jaano Naa, Tum Jaano Naa,
Maine Bhi Badla Hai, Kya Rang Baaton Hi Baaton Mein,
Tum Jaano Naa, Tum Jaano Naa,
Chehere Pe Chehera Hai, Parde Pe Parda Hai,
Duniya Mein Samjha Hai Kaun,

Are Deewano, Mujeh Pehechano, Zara Pehechano, Mein Hoon Don,
Mein Hoon Don, Mein Hoon Don,
Mein Hoon Mein Hoon Mein Hoon Don

Did you notice someting above? All the lines in the song are equally applicable to Don, You and Me, except the bold ones.

People know not where Don comes from, nor who he is. Ditto You and Me!
Don isn't exactly what he appears to be. Ditto You and Me!
No one has understood the free spirited opportunistic and insane Don. Ditto You and Me!
Don feels he would do anything for a friend. Ditto You and Me!

Its the lines in bold that are the key differentiator between Don and the rest of us.

Dushman Kaa Dushman Hun Voh, Dushman Ke Chhakke Chhuda De Jo,
Mein Hoon Vohi, Mein Hoon Vohi...

Thus, Don was is like Abraham Lincoln of the Eunuchs of the Enenmy. He freed them!!! ;)
Have you ever done anything like that? Me neither!

That means, if Don Ka Dushman had not put his Chhakkas in jail, or if Don Ka Dushman had not Enslaved his Chhakkas (we don't really know what Don freed the Chhakkas
from - jail, slavery or something else) then Don would never have got to do his one single glorious deed. The above song wouldn't have been composed. Don would then be just another loser nobody. No threat for his Dushman!

But instead Don defeated Don Ka Dushman.

"Oh yeah? Don and what army?"
"Don and his Army Of Chhootey Huey Dushman Ke Chhakkey!"

Matlab ki...

Don ke Dushman Ki Sabse Badi Galati Yeh Hai...
...Ki Woh Don Ka Dushman Hai!
...Ki Usne Chhakkon Ko Jail Mein Daal Diya ya Enslave Kar Diya!

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Ketan said...

Ok, a mental experiment.

Before I read the post, let me prophesize that you must have not mangled the lyrics! Let's see if I'm right or wrong. ;)

Ketan said...

Okay, I won't brag about how I've learnt to mildly be able to predict what you'd do.

There is at least one logical glitche, but on the whole, I agree with you.

Also, what are talking about Abraham Lincoln's releasing of eunuchs? Is it some well know incident I can find on Wikipedia?

Interesting post! Made me laugh! ;)

Stupidosaur said...

Arrey bhai, har baat mein mental experiments, detecting logical glitches, yeh sab kyon! o_O! Out of place, its such a drag!

It wasn't a debate. I wasn't even proving a point. So why the heavy stuff like "I agree with you."?

And if you see the whole lyrics at a flash glance, and see something in bold highlight, and top sentence saying 'read carefully', obviously I am pointing out something regarding the bold lines in existing lyrics!

Still, congrats for figuring it out. :P.

Lincoln thing was an implicit analogy. Lincoln freed the slaves. Don freed the eunuchs. So he was their Lincoln :P. Nothing on Wikipedia like it. Although you can start by putting it up on uncyclopedia.

Hope I really made you laugh. Bit difficult to imagine while you were doing so much serious mental work all along.

Anyways jab analysis kar hi diya hai, why wate it. Bata do aapka 'logical glitch'.

Ketan said...

Arrey, Stupidosaur bhai! You only have spoiled my habits! Remember, squint?

And I said 'agree' because one the logical glitch I was talking of is VERRRRY big. The most repeated line is 'main hoon don!', which of course, does not apply to you and me!

And yes, yes, it indeed gives me pleasure to be even remotely able to predict what you might/might not do!

If you seriously feel I was overdoing all this, I'll refrain. But I was only trying to impress you!<----you must know by now if this is a joke or not. :|

I've written a new story, and going by your feedback on residua, you might like it. Best part is, it's exactly half its size.

Take care.

Ketan said...

I'd written the first comment, just reading the first three lines, without reaching the bold-face part! Promise!

And no, the ending of the post actually made me laugh, especially your pointing out how we were not dons only 'cuz we'd not freed eunuchs.

By the time, I'd reached the last paragraph, I'd already picked out the glitch.

Also, I'll not try to impress you by lying. :|

Srishti said...

Who put eunuchs in the jail in the first place?
And whoever did, does that mean he's Don's friend?
And since dost kaa dushman is dushman, does that mean Don's Friend is Don kaa dushman kaa dushman?

AB said...

only those cricketers who have ever hit a 6 would agree with you!

Amey said...

Given that according to Gabbar, Sholay ke Thakur ne chakkon ki sena paal rakhi thi, it naturally means -> Don = Thakur :D

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...


I SO SAW THAT COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!




HP said...

i read everything, but i'm so sleepy, all i comprehended was "yay so many tags"

morning good hui to padh lenge.

this time, your word verification is a tutlata hua bachcha. it says "inglith"

Ketan said...

@Amey: What you're saying would actually imply that Thakur is don's enemy.

Vinisha said...

I was gonna say "Yawn" but then it hit me that Yawn and Don rhyme!

And that was actually the high point of my day till now :|

:P I gotta get drunk.

Anonymous said...

So it's "Don of the Eunuchs" now ?

*prays to the Lord* No more zombies, PLEASE !

Dhanya said...

Your blog is getting crazier by each passing post :D Me likie!

Stupidosaur said...

Bhai Ketan, baat zoooon hai ke Amey was talking about this

//"Don and his Army Of Chhootey Huey Dushman Ke Chhakkey!"

Sena Dushman ke Chhakkon ki, par paali Don ne!

divsi said...

;) ;) n @ hp- lol at the word verification!

bondgal_rulz said...

:D :D

Some imagination there. :P :D


freudian slip said...


tch tch.. pj king!

u remind me of my pj cracking friend. he'll love this joke.

HP said...

nah ... still no luck with understanding the post...except for the easy bits.

Ketan said...

@Stupidosaur's previous comment addressed to me: :)

[Not saying 'lol' only because I'm trying to express my response to your comment accurately as possible for me in the current state of mind; I actually smiled reading it]

;) [No, I did not wink reading your comment, but this wink is my comment]

Pallav said...

Why do most people take it as a challenge to find a flaw/logic in a blog post?

I enjoyed reading it...

You're insane.

Stay so.


HP said...

sab samajh mey aa gaya !! thanks ! :D

Abhishek Behera said...


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