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Don't annoy me with your Kit-Kat!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
How come they never broke up?

Simple! Whenever she said, "Uggh! Give me a break!", he gave her a Kit-Kat!

(That solved things, naturally!)

Ok Nestle guys, you gotta pay me for this cheesy chocolatey idea now!
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Ketan said...

Did he ever get tit for kat?

Stupidosaur said...

Irrespective of the answer, you might get

"Hit For That".

Ketan - The complete 'man'

Spoiling Comment Spaces Since November 2008!

How was your comment related to the post sir?

Ketan said...

Kit-Kat was broken into two pieces as was depicted in the diagram. The left piece is Kit, and the right one is Kat.

The last word in my comment before the question mark was 'Kat'.

You want further explanation?

Make it March, 2009.

Srishti said...

I talked to the Nestle people and they are willing to give you your big break...in Nestle.

Batao fir, up for it?

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...


You should so send this to them! thye better pay you!!

HP said...

so can the girl/guy hook up with another guy/girl while having kit kat and use Ross's famous "We were on a break!!!" ??

Stupidosaur said...


"Give me a break!" is just an exasperated exclamation, and is not literally asking for a 'break-up'.
However, if unhandled, it can lead up to a break-up!

But "Have a Kit-Kat!" response works like a three-in-one formula and prevents the actual break-up!
1) Her irritation is handled humourously, winning boyfriend some brownie points.
2) Her favourite chocolate is brought out, winning boyfriend some brownie points.
3) Eating chocolate is supposed to liberate endorphins, the 'happy chemicals'. So the irritation/anger should further subside after eating the Kit-Kat!

Those would all be immediate effects. There would also be extended recurring reinforcing effects when she smiles and melts at the memories ;)

So they wouldn't actually be 'on a break', unless of course one of them accidentally sits on a Kit-Kat. But its less likely that someone would feel like hooking up with a person found clumsily sitting on a Kit-Kat ;).

Then again, 'love is strange'. Who knows, even a person found clumsily sitting on a Kit-Kat can be perceived as 'funnily cute' and attractive! However, then comes the difficult part. They would need to have their entire affair while that person is sitting on the Kit-Kat. On getting up from it, the person would no longer be 'on a break' ;)

Stupidosaur said...


Earlier, the Title of LOLiPOP was held by HP on this blog. Now I might have to reconsider. However, the chances of that happening are somewhat reduced because you don't have Pop in your blog identity ;)

So HP, don't worry ;)

Stupidosaur said...


//big break...in Nestle

A Big Kit-Kat? Wowww!

But why in Nestle itself? They want to avoid the transportation charges? How cheap!

Srishti said...

Arrey Stupii, the Big Kit Kat is SO big that they won't be able to transport it! You'll have to eat it in Nestle itself!
Ab samjhe?

And you always spell my name wrong...its SrisHti.

HP said...

"They would need to have their entire affair while that person is sitting on the Kit-Kat. On getting up from it, the person would no longer be 'on a break' ;) " -- hahahahahahah !!

ABHISHEK SiM said...

AIOO! Bahut bura wala tha!!!

Shashank said...

If ever you show this to Nestle guys and ask them to give you your big break, all u might end up getting is a bada wala Kit Kat :P

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

I got it!! I mean i understood what you meant!


Spark Star said...

Ah!!! How I wish I was given a chocolate every time I yelled "Give me a break"!!!

That would be so sweet, and I would definitely not broken up

:D :D

I wish people were sweet enough to tackle others like this :)

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