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Vacation from Blog*

Thursday, September 10, 2009
Will not blog for 3 weeks.
Busy LMAO.
Oops! Typo!

*When you are on a vaction from work, you usually don't work. But no one will stop you if you work even on vacation. However that would be INCREDIBLY STUPID!!!!

Similarly, when on vacation from blog, I won't usually blog. But no one will stop me if I blog. However that would be INCREDIBLY STUPID!!!!
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Ketan said...

I hope you'll do justice to stupid in your name, Stupidosaur. :)

Did I just inadvertently possibly 'spoil' the upcoming comments? :P

Now don't take revenge by doing injustice!

AB said...

Ahh relief!

to you ofcourse!

Stupidosaur said...


Have you watched the movie The Incredibles?

Me neither. However I know there was no Stupidosaur amongst them.


Oh damn! I already just did something blogging related. So...

What is revenge? Replying or not replying?

Antyways, I have answer to that comment. Not commenting was not a revenge, just a circumstance caused coincidence.

What coincidence?



No relief.
Busy LMAO!

Insignia said...

Who would enlighten us with all those gyan?

Ketan said...

Injustice and revenge would be to actually take a 3 weeks' break from blogging and blogging-related activities (simply readying the drafts on PC/paper/in mind wouldn't qualify as blogging related activity).

Anyway, enjoy!


Abhishek Behera said...

then be stupid!

Only Vimal said...

Sorry for being ignorant, But what's LMAO?

ENJOY ur vacation. :)

Ekam said...

Enjoy your vacation :)

Sayesha said...

Tu kabhi mil gaya na kahin, toh bahut pitega! :)

Srishti said...

"But no one will stop me if I blog. However that would be INCREDIBLY STUPID!!!!"

Oh, and obviously, you're anything BUT stupid.
Have fun! :)

Anonymous said...

have fun :D
come back soon but :)


Mads said...

hey ok, this comment is not for ur current post, but i just wanted to clear it out that i didn't feel bad or anything when u wrote that comment for my grandpa. i actually loved it and thought it was so true.
thanks :)
tc :)

Vinisha said...

Does it involve a beach, a bottle of vodka and a dog?

If you said yes to that, me jealous :(

Veda said...

blog hopped here...bad timing i guess..nice write ups..read a few!

HP said...

that would be INCREDIBLY STUPID!!!! -- yus yus ! ;)

Ketan said...


This is spam, but also specifically directed to you.

Your blog finds a mention on my review of favorite blogs. Simply click on the link below:


Thanks for blogging and (inadvertently) enriching my life!


bondgal_rulz said...

Are you asking for help to stop you from being incredibly stupid?

Socially Awkward Paint Monster said...

I think I'm gonna miss you.
I'll need some 3 weeks' time to figure that out, though.
Don't die, okay? Cos, I'll need to tell you if i missed you. So stay alive.

Chriz said...

have a great time

HP said...

too many days without a stupid post !

Pree-yea.... said...

I second HP, now that I'm back! :P

oh n word veri says 'finges', need decoding.... :)

Dr. Chaffie said...

So let's see if stupido-saur is incredibly stupid :)

Srishti said...

Your 3 weeks are almost over.

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