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General Knowledge of Fishing

Thursday, October 8, 2009
"There are plenty of other fish you know!"
"Thanks for sharing tha knowlege...lekin...

Jab Dil Hi Toot Gaya...
Hum GK kya karenge...!"


PS: Somebody from Singapore landed on the main page of this blog by google search of  'loma 280 score'! LOL!

PPS: Is she called Lola Kutty because she is such a LOL!a Kutty?
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Ketan said...

One thing the post made me realize is that fish is the only animal whose verb form translates into its hunting/killing! ;) Am I learning too fast, Stupidosaur? ;)

No other organism's name probably does that:

1. Ap(e)ing
2. Man(n)ing
3. Bitching
4. Planting
5. Dog(g)ing
6. Flying

He he he, found an exception:


But I understand, nobody dreams of wedding/bedding a weed! :P

Sometimes, only sometimes, I write such long comments, so that people get bored and do not reach those parts, where they're not supposed to reach!

And why not three posts, instead of just one?

And since, this was such a zoological post, was half expecting you to comment on Lola's second name! :P But except, for one post, now I've become convinced of the overall asexual nature of your blog!

This GK (click) might juuuust help :)

HP said...

ye baat kuch hazam nai hui ... fish and GK ka kya connection?

sob... i think i'm dumbing down.

AB said...

Yeh hota kya jaraha hai Stupidosaur ko?

bondgal_rulz said...

Living up to your blog name!!

Lol @ Ketan's comment!! :D


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