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Meetha Sa Chadiya Bukhaar...Ramji Karo Beda Paar!

Monday, June 7, 2010
Statcounter keeps me informed when people visit old pages on this blog. Recently someone visited this one:

A comment by Abhishek Sim there set me thinking. What would have the joke that he mentioned actually been like...

Why should a guy wanting to get paired up go to a temple?

Bhakti milegi,
Aarti milegi,
Pooja milegi,
Shanti milegi,
Punyata milegi,
Diya, Deepika...haan woh bhi,
Saumyata milegi,
Khushi bhi mil sakti hai,
Prerna bhi,
Arrey haan, wahan aksar Vidhi bhi hoti hai,
Kisi kisi ko Deeksha bhi prapt hoti hai.
Mandir ki Garima toh ekdum khas hoti hai.
Aur kuchh mandiron ki Shobha badi hi sundar hoti hai. (Spell checker of Chrome is prompting me to change hoti to hot)

Why should a girl wanting to get paired go to a temple?

Prabhu milega,
Dev milega,
Anand milega,
Prasad milega,
Kalyan hoga,
Omkar hoga, Om bhi,

I am feeling sleepy and giving up for now. Who all do you expect to meet up with at temples? Comments section is wide open! Continue the lists!

(BTW title is a song (not title song ;) ) from Dev D, which is quite fitting, since the movie has both 'Dev' in title and marriage somewhere in the theme ;) )
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Kanan said...

A visit to a temple is the one where you don't see a single person in face (no eye-to-eye contact) except for Gods'. Bliss!

Srishti said...

Hahahahaha! This is soooo funny. :D :D :D

Heheh, Jai bhi toh milega? ke nai? :S

Sh@s said...

Lolzz...good one.

Stupidosaur said...

Abbey Kanan, (haha! rhymes with abbey dhakkan)
Kya ho kya gaya hai meri posts pe first comment karney waley blog ke sab puraney paththon ko! Thode din mai nahin tha sabka sense of humour sukh gaya kya?

Pichhle post pe HP, is post mein tu!
Oh wait, maybe you two are trying to be doubly funny right?

Stupidosaur said...


Mandir mein Jai milega? Kaise kaise? Jai to Slumdog Millionaire ke gaane mein hota hai!

Haan. lekin jaaney se pehle woh apni gaadi Godji ko deke gaya tha. Isliye Mandir mein Godji ki Jai Jai Car hoti hai ;)

Stupidosaur said...


Yeah Lolzz! Even Govinda thought One is very good!

smitzy said...

hahaha hillarious post! :D mandir mein sudarshan bhi hoga (although going by the name, that wud be an archaic person from another generation :P)

oh btw, word verification is creep :P

Ketan said...

You could've tried being more inclusive by not thinking of pairing as between those of opposite genders only. :)

Going by your post, no wonder bachche Bhagwan ki dane hote hain! ;)

And then going by how few kids turn out in childhood or later in adulthood, little doubt that the gods people worship are nothing but satan playing split personality-split personality!

Only Vimal said...


Madhurjya (Banjo) Banerjee said...

ahh.. the Godliness of names :)

chinmai said...

hahah.. good one..

AB said...

I don't go to any temple as much as I should! I have Internet.

Kanan said...

Arre sacchi mein yaar... I don't socialize at temples or try not to. It defeats the whole purpose of the visit. You are there to have your one-on-one with uparwala and not sitting at some chai ki dukaan, right. I saw this middle-aged guy there once. I couldn't help but notice him. He would come and stand at the entrance of each of the shrines and just give each statue a look like "What's up, Dude!" for less than 5 seconds and move on to the next one. I seriously thought.. dosti kaafi gehri hai. Then I realized that at least he came in to say hi. Others just come in for free prasaad (the food I mean) or to just ogle.

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