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Dear February,

Sunday, April 10, 2011
Stupidosaur: Hey you know, my landlord keeps changing the house rent every month!
Smartamigo: Haha thats odd!
Stupidosaur: Yeah.
Smartamigo: Is he like, crazy or something?
Stupidosaur: Not really
Smartamigo: But why do you put up with having to pay more and more rent every month?
Stupidosaur: Oh he doesn't do that. He sometimes increases the rent, sometimes decreases it!
Smartamigo: Thats insane! Didn't you sign some rent agreement with him?
Stupidosaur: Oh we did! It was for the monthly rent!
Smartamigo: Umm.....?
Stupidosaur: It is the daily rent he keeps changing. High in November. Low in December. He didn't change it in January. But man he increased it to killer heights in February! Thankfully it went back to low January rates in March, but in April he has increased it back to the old November high!
Smartamigo: (Processes the info and...) Argghhhhh!
Stupidosaur: But don't worry! My daily wages also change the same way ;)
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Kanan said...

Does that mean it's time to move?

WV: craglea

Could it be hinting towards Craigslist? Hmm...

Unknown said...

ahaa!! You are back! Hope to see more posts now :)

Stupidosaur said...

Man I gotta change the text in some way. Did anyone even get the joke? :P

Pree-yea.... said...

I think I did. (:

God, It's good to be missed. :P

dishantparikh said...

hi dude,

You are just dividing the monthly rent amount with the number of days in that month... that makes Feb day's has highest rent amount....

Same applied to your salary...your daily wages varying because of the number of days in a month....

Is that right..??

Btw..welcome back..!!!

Ketan said...

:) [A bit late, but I did get the joke; though "killer heights" for February was actually misguiding, because I don't think a 10% increase in rate of anything would qualify as 'killer heights'. At least I won't look at it that way. :) ]

If possible, please have an email subscription option of your blog. I no longer log into my blogger homepage, so I tend to miss lot of blog updates nowadays. I would certainly not like to miss your posts. [Okay, eventually I would end up reading them, but I would like to read them as soon as they're published].


PS: I returned here to link your post on Axe on facebook. :)

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