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Monday, May 26, 2008
गर्मियों का मौसम है ,
मांगो तो मिलेगा ना !

अरे पर क्या मिलेगा?

अरे वही जिसे अभी अभी अंग्रेजी से हिन्दी में बदला !
(click picture to see details)

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Maryum said...

garmiyon ka mosam hai
mango tau milega na

array per kya milega?

array wohi jisse abhi abhi angrezi se hindi main badla

oh my god i m sooooooooo goood...i cudnt get angrezi.. but then i read the sentence like array wohi jisse abhi abhi DASH se hindi main badla hai and i got it.. smart really smart...

Stupidosaur said...

Post ke liye mood bhi nahin hai, food bhi nahi hai.

As I said in one post, I was a not out of job but out of work guy. Now I am out of work no longer. Got officially given some work. (Making that project doc for bachchas was just a side thing given because there was no work)

Plus also have to prepare for that second attempt if you remember.

(One of my friends actually mailed the orgainser guy of the test to find out if anybody has passed the test till date. Reply : One person. So I am no longer the 'topper' that I thought I was. Doosra. Pahila numebr pass, doosra number fail. Wow!)

And I have no thought fodder for a new post.

I guess all that explains.

Another thing...About the guy A, who I said writes like B, who again you think I write like (naah! mein kidhar, woh kidhar).

I think I found one more common aspect between A and B (oh sorry A and me)

What A? What B? No no I am talking about AB. :)

(Plus forum is left for the star to claim the half century. Hence this comment here)

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