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One fine morning, I woke up, made a lame Tweet (as usual) and triggered a very interesting conversation where another chap and me formulated a basic grammar rule about lump quantities and individual items, starting from most basic observation and reasoning. After that we had a philosophical semi-scientific discussion about whether sleep is a lump quantity or individually countable item and decided upon the grammatical correctness of my tweet. This is the story of that discussion.
An update about the blog changing to its own domain from the old blogspot domain, as well as announcement about some other websites I started, including Comics websites, a photography website and a website about how to run such websites, at almost no cost! :)
Telomeres are like biological counters in DNA that control the number of times cells can divide. I learnt a lot of fascinating things about how these play a role in ageing, regeneration and death. And more I read, more my engineering mind found them similar to loop counters of computer programs. In today's post I discuss some fascinating trivia about telomeres as well as my analogies with computer programming.
Find our why I think global warming is perhaps a part of natural control system of the Earth to take in more energy when its energy usage increases. The design seems set up for biosphere. It could even be the natural solution to our energy crisis, once we figure out how to artificially harness it, just how we artificially increased the energy use on Earth, outside of its usual biosphere.
How drowning men, cats, straws, camels and your sucky life are all related...
One incident of a well-off Indian couple needing to take a loan to give dowry for their daughter's marriage made me wonder if the concept of 'giving dowry' is even feasible in the society in the long term, in view of reducing sex ratio, from perspective of 'supply-demand' or 'market economy'...

Ever since I heard that it is Tetra Pak that really protects what is good, I pour the juice or milk down the drain and happily munch on its box. 

Yeah that's how you protect your good health.
Teacher : O.K Little Johnny, I am going to test you on gender opposites.
Little Johnny : Yes miss.
Teacher: King?
Jonnhy: Queen!
Teacher: Good! Prince?
Johnny: Princess?
Teacher: Thats right! So tell me, King Kong?
Johnny: Ermm...Queen Congress?
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