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The never ending story....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Just on a whim I have decided to start this post.
Anyways these days the Little Reptile is a wee bit busy to write Stupid little rants.
So this is good enough for a quick post.

From today, we start a 'Never Ending Story' on this blog.
I have taken the idea of collective story writing from Pri's blog.
You can read 'our works' on her blog here here and here.

I have modified the rules of story writing we did on Pri's blog to suit my liking.
The rules are:
1) The story will begin with a sentence I will give at the end of this post.
2) We will all continue the story one comment by one comment
3) You can write upto 3 sentences in a comment.
4) You cannot post two consecutive comments. You must wait till at least one person comments after your comment.
5) Do not post something inappropriate. It is upto my discretion to delete anything I find 'inappropriate'. (Its my blog :P)
6) To indicate that a particular comment of yours is actually something you want to say and not simply continuation of story, begin it with ******* (number of stars have not been counted)
7) A comment such as one described in point 6) will not be considered as comment with regard to point 4)
8) Every few days/weeks/months (depends on how enthusiasticially and frequently you excercise your creativity!) I'll publish a new chapter of our story. When a new chapter gets published as a post, we will continue our comments on that post. All the chapters will be under the tag 'The Never Ending Story...' for continuous read.
9) The story can have any genre and you can change it anytime you want!
10) Characters can be introduced. However if you are telling story of existing character, make sure you remember the name and context. Do not confuse us all. (Don't worry we'll all correct each other when we notice). Same goes with places etc.
11) List of names/places will be included in another post and will be linked from every post under the tag 'The Never Ending Story...' to help you out with point 10)

So people, let your creativities loose! Together we can! (Haha don't ask me "Together we can what?" I don't know how horrible an answer we are gonna create. But thats the fun ;) )

The story begins:

The Roko folks of Wee Village had begun stirring in their houses. Nobody had the slightest hunch that the lazy morning would soon turn into a "Holy Moly! What the heck!" afternoon.
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AB said...

It was Stupidosaur with Y2A alongside him. They had only one objective in their mind. They just wanted to ...

Solitaire said...

wanted to purify the holy waters of the ganges as it flowed through their village.

Stupidosaur said...

Roko Raka emerged from his little cottage and saw Stupidosaur and Y2A staring blankly at the flowing water with a strange thoughtful faraway look.

"Wazza hoon fyalas?"
(What are you doing fellows?"

The Rokos had a weird accent.

Homer said...

Adding to it was the strange big noise made by the flowing water. Stupidosaur and Y2A didnt hear Roko correctly.

Solitaire said...

They thought they were being invited in for a japanese dinner. They went in...

Ketan said...

But, it was eventually, rokos that came out. No, no, this not my blog, so rokos were alive, and so Y2A and Stupidosaur who were soundly asleep without being drugged...

Ketan said...

**BTW, very well set rules, Stupidosaur.

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