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The veg non-veg party

Thursday, September 4, 2008
They all went to the party.
Half of them ate non-veg.
The other half ate Nan - Veg.

(Yep they all preferred Nan over Tandoori, what can I do? :P)
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Anush said...

and u paid the whole bill?

ceedy said...

So technically the Nans must be salty and moist???

Stupidosaur said...

None of us had any bills, whole or half. So we paid the due amount in 50 paisa coins

(Don't worry the post and comment are both fictious. No nans were harmed or eaten in the publishing of this post. Similarly the coins in the gunny bags in the comment bear no resemblance to any coin in circulation or flattened on a railway track for fun. Any resemblence is strictly because there are only a few standard types of 50 p coins in India. Others are fakes. We didn't pay in fakes)

We just ate with abandon. No technicalities were involved.

But why do you feel they must have been salty and moist?

Ghar mein Roti Sabzi khate hain tab Roti ko Sabzi ki katori mein masal ke moist and salty and yuck toh nahin bana dete na? Hum ne bhi normally Nan Veg khaya. Like Roti - Sabzi. Like civilized people (No ROTI - SABZI are not civilized people. Not even people. Don't confuse them with some people like Heer - Ranjha or Jay - Veeru. (Pls note: 1st one was a cople. 2 nd one was not. Do not get any wrong ideas ;))

Anyways why do so much visualisation and analysis about soggy salty nans?

This was a purely nan-sense post. Enjoy!

ceedy said...

I enjoyed it at first and even more now after your reply.....which made ku(l)ch(a)-sense

common the grey cells need some massage...atleast mine do from time to time...:)


Keshi said...

naan bread u mean.


Scribblers Inc said...

(reaction when you brain goes ploop)

SCribblers Inc.

ceedy said...

changed the post did you????

Ketan said...

50 :P

Sticking the tongue out hoping that some (k)no(w)n sabzi without rot-i would fall on it.

A very predictable riddle.

What would apple call their rotis if they open a dhaba?

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