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A-Z kiya hai... (I R Sad! I R Sad!)

Friday, September 5, 2008

I have picked this tag voluntarily from Solitaire's blog post. Usually I do not fancy tags much, but this sounded fun and challenging.

The rule is to write a poem or prose using all the letters of the English alphabet wherein each consecutive letter makes up the first letter of every word.

Here goes my attempt:

Alpha Baboon cartwheeled, danced enthusiastically for groups hysterically insanely jeering

"Kingkong! Lovely moves!"

Now our Pappu quit, recognising sarcastic taunts.

Unwanted, vanished weeping, xenophobic, yearning Zen.


The story of the tag.........

A to Z.

Alpha to Omega

So A=Alpha was fixed.

Made it into Alpha Baboon as a joke on 'Alpha Male'.

So what does a monkey do eh? "Naach Jamburey!" for the crowd huh?

So my baboon started cartwheeling and dancing enthusiastically for the crowds !

I imagined the crowd cheering. But all I had was a 'j' and not 'c' . So fine! 'Jeering' it is! :P

Now all this kinda still fit in the initial picture I had. You know Pappu right? Muscular, Popular, Bachelor, Spectacular and all that? Ah! A typical alpha male! But Pappu can't dance saala! So when he tries to dance, our alpha male turns into an alpha baboon! So P was fixed for Pappu.

And 'my story so far' although derived from a street-entertainer's monkey dancing for the crowds, still kinda fit with the concept of Pappu's friends making fun of his dance moves at the party. I wanted to end it in similar light, joking, friendly vein.

But the letters, my mind and my theme just did not co-operate.

So you see the tragic, philosophical end result. :P

Hmm I do have different sides to me...


Even though its not necessary, let me explain the title too....

Yeh tag jo meine kiya hai, woh A-Z related hai.

Which means, A-Z kiya hai.

Par jab koi sher-o-shayari shuru karta hai, "ArZ kiya hai..",

to sab kehte hain, "Irshaad! Irshaad!"

And considering its a 'sad post', I was going to play on it and say "Ir-sad, Ir-sad"

But naaah! The associative moron that my mind is, it had to flash think another 'ass'ociation.

There is a cartoon "I Am Weasel" which aired on Cartoon network in India till at least about 5 years ago (when I last watched it) . As you can see in this Wiki link, Weasel is an 'alpha male', while another main character in the cartoon 'I.R.Baboon' is a total dimwit, who says "I R (are) Baboon." instead of "I am Baboon."

And the incident described in my sol. (solution) to the sol (Solitaire's) tag could probably happen to Baboon. And he will say "I R( are) sad."

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Pavi!!!! said...

wooooooooooowieeeeee ! this is soooo creative! n yes funny too :))!

Stupidosaur said...

Creative? OK maybe. Thanks.
But funny? Here my heart is weeping out for the 'baboon' who represents anybody withdrawn into the zen of personal space, isolated and mocked at by society

Stupidosaur said...

Especially when the baboon person initially set out to embrace the world with a happy hug.

Keshi said...

Stupid u asked me where ur comments were in my blog. Since that post has more than 200 comments, it's in the 2nd page of comments...u hv to click NEWER/NEWEST links on the first page of comments to get to the 2nd one. I thought u knew that already.

Anyways here's the link to the page where ur comments and my replies are:



Keshi said...

try that again!


Keshi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keshi said...

I know alot of Baboons, Pappus and Xenophobics!


Stupidosaur said...


Oh now I realised! It had happened earlier too, at sol's blog.

You see, I dont know that many popular bloggers. Of all bloggers I know, yours is the only one that crosses 200 comments for a post. (And once sol's did I think)

So I am not habituated to newer newest thing.

When there are so many comments, I just do ctrl f and find 'stupid'.
It finds my own comments, the blogger's reply as well as anything some other commentor may be saying about me. Work done!

//I know alot of Baboons, Pappus and Xenophobics!

I might actually BE all of these. So add one count to the number you know in each of these categories ;)

Keshi said...

oh ok.

nah ur not any of em...not yet. haha!


Solitaire said...

I burst out laughing at work because of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~anu~ said...

man! that was funny!! and your thought process was well expressed too :D cheers!

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Hey!! I really liked this idea of yours and self-tagged myself with it. Linked you up in the post (http://a-dark-comedy-called-life.blogspot.com/2008/09/telling-tale.html). Hope you don't mind.

Ketan said...

Wow man, wow! Ok, lizard! :P

This was hypercreative!

So, is the message of the story lost on me?

As I said (despite your refuting), you do know all the answers! :)

But I can't help but stare at your post--and think "wow, you exist!" A hackneyed line by now, but I don't care right now for my creativity in conveying what I mean.


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