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WELL...WISH I knew what I am trying to say here

Friday, October 17, 2008
"I have always been your well-wisher.
I have always wished ill and evil upon you at the wishing well"
-Your well wisher

[The story behind this quote:
As you know (In case you read my blog regularly :P), I am going through a bit of a crisis these days. Some ppl who had read about it on my blog wrote to my email id I have given on my blog. They said how they liked my blog, and would like to help me out of the crisis. Some of them had never even commented on my blog earlier, just the mail in response to my crisis post.

So the other day I was thinking about all this, and how the concept of pen-friends had got extended by Web 2.0 and so on. I felt good to have well-wishers in various part of the world. Ppl I never knew, in parts of the world I don't know.

So as is the nature of my associatively moronic mind, the phrase 'well wishers' stuck in my mind. Which made me think of wishing well. That gave rise to the concept or terminology of 'well wisher' as any person who would wish at a wishing well.

I wondered how ironic it would be if the 'well wisher' would octually be wishing something bad at the well. That gave rise to this pithy quote you see above, well suited for some traitor in a novel or movie. Sounds classic and ominous (at least to me ;) ]

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Chriz said...

jump into the well... hehe short and sweet wish..

HP said...

lol. how many rupees worth?

Poshin_david said...

Take a gun.
Load it.
Set right your will.
Find yourself a blinfold.
Stand on the edge of a well.
Wear the blindfold.
Check the gun to see if it is loaded.
Press the trigger.

Could you check out my blog,

Thresia said...

wickeeeeeed! :D

Scribblers Inc said...

well...if I could wish you know...like a well wisher wishing against his will...at least that will be worth a well wishers wish, wouldnt you wish?

Scribblers Inc.

Sum1 said...

Dude...I am a fan of yours....and Am not so of many around d blog world...I do lurk around a bit sometimes...But had to let you know this time....:D
You have the most fertile imagination I have ever seen...May you keep finding ironies and new meanings in everything all your life. :D
Keep it up dude!

Keshi said...

Thats mean!


kartoos said...


Anonymous said...

Mean you are.
I like it. :)

Stupidosaur said...


This was not my personal thought,
although its me who thought this out.

How the thought happened is updated in the post.

So although mean = average and I am just your average guy, I am not a mean guy ;)

So whether you like meanness or not, I would accordingly like to disappoint/delight you, that I am not mea/wicked.

If you notice, the blog signed off as

-your well wisher,


-Stupidosaur, the way it would have been in case it would have been my personal thought.


Thanks, seems you only understood the intended word play.

BTW, if we write your name in Sanskrit, will it become 'Pranayam' ?

chinmai said...

funny it is I have always been your well-wisher.
I have always wished ill and evil upon you at the wishing well"
-Your well wisher

Ketan said...

Tsk, tsk @ Christopher David: Itne elaborate flowchart ke bawajood galti. That too on Stupidosaur's post! He did not even specify how to hold the gun, what to direct it at, or what to do after checking that the gun is unloaded. Also, if the same is loaded by you, what would be the need to check it again, huh? As you would know, I'm not even going to visit his blog! Itni galatiyan. I think you didn't even feel the urge to tear his comments to pieces. Seriously, quite beneath you! :P

Is pranayam = pranay + yummy? ;)

Mildly sinister post, I would say, nothing as compared to your idea of suicide gun! ;)

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