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How can we just blame the authorities? Its not so easy is it?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008
I came out of the house.
Nobody bothered.

I boarded the bus.
Nobody bothered.

I walked in the market with a big backpack.
Nobody bothered.
I did..........
Nobody bothered.
I did...........
Again nobody bothered.
What if I was one of them?

They can strike anywhere. Its just too easy.
How can we watch out everywhere?
They have such an easy task :P. The authorities have a very difficult task. Think about it.

Now you know Hindi picture mein Police end mein hi kyon aati hai.
How could they have known in advance?
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Anonymous said...

They had much of the warnings and information,eg-attacks like 9/11 had been foreseen by many good political thinkers and analysts, the problem is not getting these things, the problem is in not interpreting them and taking the required action. Read in Harry Potter? "The ppl believe what they want to"
The natural phenomena take place around everybody, how many does it induce to think and interpret? Those have been the great scientists.
The common man cannot tell, but the intelligence forces are there just for that reason!

PS: x-( You lizard, My name is 'A'yushi, with only 1 'a', not that i care as long as i understand, but it can be confused with some other aayushis lurking about blogger, so just a pathetic measure to reduce confusion.

Think Tank said...

i'm not blaming them ..but v still need more of security ..n also more of awarenss..v dont know wat to do in such a sitn ..they need to help us practise for drills for terror attacks like fire drills

Urv said...

I agree. And thats what is scary. There are so many ways that things can go wrong..

AB said...

No comments!


Keshi said...

I agree. No one checks wut Im carrying..and like u said, we cud be any one of them!

**They have such an easy task :P. The authorities have a very difficult task. Think about it.

true...its so easy to BLAME but so hard to really DO something.


HP said...

arre metal detector beep karta hai to bhi koi nai rokta hai! to school bag wale bachchon ko kyun rokega?

Jimmy said...

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Unknown said...

awesome, I too agree.

ghost particle said...

i have to agree bro...ive roamed there for 2 months. except for the airport scanners, there are no other vigilance, intelligence, etc. maybe its high time. i tink i jst blended in coz well am an Indian :D

but seriously, the coastal areas needs to be barricaded man. it has become so easy for them.

ghost particle said...

btw...answered u back at the blog dude.

deluded said...

I DO believe that its because their legs are shorter.

I heard that on MTV i think.....

youth intelligence rules!

Nachi said...

dekho bhai...totally agree with you on the 'security lapses' that we live with. but the good thing is that finally we are awakening to the fact that a little stringent measure might be required in reality and that cribbing and complaining for the minor inconveniences it causes us is but something that we must put up with to ensure our own safety.

...aur baki rahi hindi phillum mein police ki baat, toh whoh late isiliye aati hai kyon ki unke Jeep ko start hone mein thoda time lagta hai...

the bollywood world has always tried to sensitize us to the appalling lack of infrastructure and equipment that our security personnel have to work with.

just that no one notices that until its too late!


ghost particle said...

and again my good friend...i have answered ur questions on my nomad post :)

and u did not answer mine in 3 posts down :p

have a nice weekend bro.

Nitin said...

hmmmm.. serious post..

well i agree that as an individual we need to be vigilant and calm. But authorities has lots of sources to know plan. Gud amount of safety budget is spend on the intelligence sources... so why can't they do it.

but off course before pointing finger on other we should look inside also .. how many of us uses our voting power. On election day we go out for sight scene and not for voting... then now face the consequence .....

mrniiiceguy said...

:) - Like ur pov

Solitaire said...

In hindsight, everything looks so much easier. Very common human error!

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