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The Bliss Of An Empty Mind...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
An empty mind...has neither any Discontent, nor Content.

(There is no grammar mistake here. It was meant to be Content, not Contentment)
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Abhishek Behera said...

5:18 AM
the perfect line to start my day. thank you.

Amrita~Ams said...

mast one liner...though i read it twice :P...with grammar mistake n then without ..

Keshi said...

Empty doesnt necessarily mean there's NOTHING in it.


Anonymous said...


divsi said...

lovely one liner;) super!

Pree-yea.... said...

Isn't that like..."stating the obvious"???

Poshin_david said...


Unknown said...

An empty mind is a happy mind because all that is left to think then, is sex.

Mads said...

nice one. although i had to read it thrice to get it :-s

HP said...

oh goodo ! :D

Anonymous said...

superb one liner :-)

Cяystal said...



Chriz said...

yes i have an empty mind

Unknown said...

nice!! :D ur into a creative job or a techie?

Thresia said...

maybe then, i am the HAPPIEST person on earth. :D

Stupidosaur said...


Wow! For me it was just a tubelight. Who knew it would become a starter for you! Ah strange are electricals! ;)

A one liner you had to read twice.
If it were an two liner, would you read have read it once? Or thrice? or four times?

Wonder how many times you would have to read it if it were an ocean liner! ;)


Who said empty means ANYTHING? ;)

Anyways, whatever it means, my above sentence definitely means NOTHING. But it isn't an empty sentence.

So you are right. Whatever empty means, it definitely doesn't mean NOTHING ;)

At your comment, I feel like this:(:(:(:(:(:(:.......

Wonder if

its a series of cryies kind of smilies like :(


A colon [ : ], indicating the thing that follows, followed by the things that actually followed, which were a series of smiley smileys like (:

Ah the mysteries of human emotions! Especially ones own! We can't really guess them even in the digital form eh?

Haha did I scare you with my reply to your simple emoticon?

It was purely intentional. Better comment more next time or I'll come up with worse. Dhamki! ;)

Stupidosaur said...


Yeah lovely one liner isn't it? The whole line, every letter of it!
I could go on and on about its beauty!

Lets take..The elegant A! What can I say! A rock stable base and elegantly tapering upwards to nothingness! Almost like the Eiffel tower in the Roman Script!

Followed by the n the stunner..The twang of its rich sound, goes in through your eyes, does a lazy roll in the speech centres of your mind and then numbly burries itself in a corner of your brain! Beautiful!

And then, the space! Clear, empty, blissful space! Just like the mind the line talks about! It is the one that gives other letters their existence and beauty through juxtaposition!

My mind is melting looking at the mellow beauty of the rest of the letters. Its overwhelming. The divine beauty is beyond any further human description. It would burn the human who attempts it through sheer inner elation! Only solemn admiration in silence reverence could do real justice to the loveliness of the remaining line. So I suggest we leave it at that and thus pay our tributes to it.

BTW thanks for unleashing the dormant arty-farty nincompoop in me ;)

divsi said...

haha:) had to read ya comment twice to understand it:)
u ve got a great way to describe seemingly trifle things..[arent relle trifle afta ya comment]:)
p.s: i wont write further coz i pause now to solemnly silently revere the letters:D

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...



thats why its empty!

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