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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Sunday, November 15, 2009
The Head Monk (shrieks at everyone) : "Oiii! Where's my Ferrari?!!!!! Its disappeared! That big fat businessman gifted it to me just a week back!"

The Monk Behind The Tree (to self): "Hehehehe..I am the monk who sold his Ferrari" (evil grin)
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Ketan said...

Unless and until you are not in India, you did not visit my blog in last 12 hours, and yet, yet, yet, the title of my latest post was:

The Monkey who sold his fur, and became an entrepreneur! <--- [rhyme alert]

It was supposed to be a spoof of the same title.

Truly, now your post is making me think of believing in God, or alternatively Satan, for entirely different reasons! ;)

Bechaara Robin, yeh padhega to Sharma-ega!

Shall I change the title of my post to 'The Monkey who sold his own fur...'?

And this was actually funny! You're making me feel conscious for finding this funny. So now funnily, I'm not able to find it funny in fun. :(

Anyway, enjoyed the post. :) TC.

wise donkey said...

(thats book i am yet to read)

ketan, i didn't realise the spoof..though it seemed to remind me of something..(instead of sulking, take it as a compliment, and think if you have to switch career and you might have a better script than me for kjo:)

Insignia said...

He was an evil monk!!

wise donkey said...

clarified on ur P boy post comment

Srishti said...

And he's BACK!
Go Stupii!

Only Vimal said...

He he he he

Dr. Acula said...

Too much! LOL :D

wise donkey said...

wonder what you would have posted about this monk..

divsi said...

heheh! i hate the book..
n i loved this post!:)

Stupidosaur said...


Well, I am in India and I did not visit your blog withing 12 hours prior to your comment. I did visit after your comment.

//Truly, now your post is making me think of believing in God, or alternatively Satan, for entirely different reasons!

Umm...this from Ketan? Ketan, The Being, The Entity who rationalises and analyses any given topic till death, even those where analysis is uncalled for and even seems funny? ;)
(Pot can call kettle black, especially if pot isn't as black ;) )

You could have done better man! Here are some causes I think are possible:

1) Few days back I was bloghopping random 'followers' and blogrolls on your blog. Then I was also randomly bloghopping their 'followers' and blogrolls.
One of the blog had description "I am the monk who bought his Ferrari" in a post or in about me. Then few days later, ie. on 15th when I posted this, I woke up in the morning (12 noon ;) ) with words like 'Monk who sold his Ferrari' buzzing in my head and the post was ready! Maybe you too read the same blog as I said its somewhere close to your circle of 'followers'/blogroll. If not the same blog, then maybe someone in your circle wrote something about the Ferrari monk that triggered/got triggered by that blog, and that is what you read. So it was somewhere in the ready access workspace of your mind.

2) Maybe I saw your title in RSS feed (I haven't subscribed, but you might have rationalised this way)

3) Maybe I saw your title in somebody's blogroll list. (If I did, I am not conciously aware of it)

//You're making me feel conscious for finding this funny. So now funnily, I'm not able to find it funny in fun. :(


Stupidosaur said...

@wise donkey

I have not read the book either ;)

BTW if I was supposed to get the context of your message to Ketan with kjo etc, I didn't. I might have tried a little harder if it were about JLo instead of KJo.

Stupidosaur said...


Naah you are missing the point! He was the most devoted and sincere monk in the entire monastry

When he saw the head monk falling to material temptation, he decided to do something about it. He sacrificed his own asceticism to protect his master's!


Anyways, you are forgiven. Only Grandpas can understand such profound depths of the matter. Aunties are immature by a generation ;)

Stupidosaur said...


//And he's BACK!
That means I am just back.

//Go Stupii!
And you are driving me away!!??

Jao Katti tumhare saath! *frowns*


Stupidosaur said...


If it were about a nun who sold her furry mink, would you go "She she she she?"


And in case you would, if 'he he he he' is like appreciating the post, would 'she she she she' be like booing the post (like sheesh!) or like we use 'shee shee shee' in some Indian languages?


Stupidosaur said...

@Dr. Acula

Sounds like you are the monk behind the tree joyously replying to my question, "How much money did you get for the car?"


Stupidosaur said...

@wise donkey again
Haven't clicked the link yet. Anyways why would I have anything to say? (kinda read the text of the hyperlink)

Stupidosaur said...


I have not read the book.
I have written the post.

Huh? Is that even a reply??!!!

**runs away stunned at his own stupidity!!!**

Ketan said...


It might not have been a compliment, but I'm truly honored to have been called even black-er than The Pot himself! Had it been someone else other than you, I'd have also been impressed with the Pot's memory and silent attention given to patrons' every two useless cents. ;) Though, the patron does not always appreciate that silence.

Curiously, I was thinking in passing, about the kettle-pot paradox for last two days. :)

Well since your eye pee is so very behrupiya (actually, bahurupiya), that I've had to employ multiple attributes to make out it's you. So I realized you do not look out or peep in using saantvah Jharokha.

But someone with those attributes (as yours) who 'resembled' you had indeed visited that post, that too from a country where it would just about be possible for you to be, so was curious.

And no, I don't remember coming across 'The monk who sold his Ferrari' kind of blog just before doing my post, or at least don't remember it now. I just wanted something that would rhyme with 'entrepreneur' for the title. :P

The last comment for which you've put -->????<-- was in reference to your label--'funny some find this funny', as I actually found it funny, especially visualizing a sinister/naughty monk selling off the car! But now you've anyway provided an interesting new angle in your response to WDM.

Also, LOL @ "big fat businessman". Though, I wouldn't ask you how come you're so explicitly into social commentary only 'cuz it'd be so easy for you to deny that allegation, that is, if you choose to deny. But again, that only if I ask you! So, I'm not asking you! :P ...

Ketan said...

Well, you could have got WDM's comment. It was in reference to this post (click or mouseover ;) but clicking would be better as one of my comments awaits you there, if you've not read that comment already) where you've already commented.

Why should you run away from your stupidity?


Ketan said...

*new angle in your response to Insignia (and not WDM).

Sigh, am getting demented, and that too without a smooth tongue to attribute it to. :(

wise donkey said...

ketan mentioned in a comment to tarun on my blog that i was auditioning for kjo.
since its great creativity if you are successful in hiding the source or the carbon copy, i thought ketan would be better suited for bollywood than me..

if i had not read ur comments wouldnt have realised how profound ur post was (not just the he he he comments, but also the sacrifice comment)

Ketan said...

Now Stupidosaur's conscience won't permit him to not come out with a clarification on WDM's usage of 'profound'. But since, now I'm provoking Stupidosaur into not commenting only by predicting that he would comment, he might comment as well!

Sigh, how I wish Stupidosaur behaved within the framework of classical mechanics and not be subservient to the vagaries misgoverned by Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle! :(

But I might rightly be advised to enjoy the world, and also the out-of-this-worldly things precisely because they're fundamentally unpredictable!

Any comments, Stupidosaur? ;)

Ketan said...

Previous vericode was backbled! :D

Ketan said...

Previous vericode was 'bronta' and not 'stupido'! ;) How suggestive!

Ketan said...

Previous vericode was 'tristed'! How twisted! Now on I'm not going to ask you to remote vericode. I see, in your infinite wisdom, you always knew how they could enhance the entertainment value of your blog!

Srishti said...

"Umm...this from Ketan? Ketan, The Being, The Entity who rationalises and analyses any given topic till death, even those where analysis is uncalled for and even seems funny? ;)
(Pot can call kettle black, especially if pot isn't as black ;) )"

I'm sorry, its been a minute since I read this but I still can't stop laughing. :D

I KNEW you'd say that when I wrote 'And he's back!' and 'Go Stupii!'
I knew it!!


You make me laugh.

Melissa Heidi Merale said...


Insignia said...

Oh well Stupido,

I did miss that point; didn't I? Hmm a monk who wanted to teach his master a lesson sacrificing his asceticism......Hmmmmm
Grandpas are wise people they do analyze everything in such depth; I dont deny that :-)

Aunties!! who??

bondgal_rulz said...

That exolains it all!! I don't think I should bother with reading the book now. :D

Anonymous said...

Who let you out? #:-s(yahoo mesngr smiley)

Abhishek Behera said...


commited to life said...


p.s as i said just passing by

MRC said...

LOLs! and giggles

Live2cherish said...

you comments are equally funny. make me thing twice to do he he he on the posts now. :)

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