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The problem

Monday, February 1, 2010
Those who don't have a problem precisely because a solution is already working for them neither recognize the problem, nor appreciate the solution.

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Ketan said...

Ultra-impressive! The observation and the way you put it. I consider it a very fundamental form of ungratefulness towards the solutions as well as those who would have developed them. Of course, I suppose you did not mean all this in context of technology only, or maybe not at all in context of modern technology and systems in place. But whatever be the context, the observation is apt to be applied to many situations. Once again, am very impressed. :)

Preeti said...

huh??? how can they not recognize the problem? a solution takes birth out of a problem. and if a solution is working for them there was obviously a problem in the first place for the solution to be in place...

wah wah wah wah... kya confusion hai, bhai...


WV: prata...
doesn't that sound like the way a person living in Delhi would say parantha :p

Kanan said...

Because they don't even recognize the solution. Until of course they don't have it any more. Sadly, most of the times, things and people are only appreciated when they're gone.

Nitin said...


MRC said...

:D After pondering it for the last few days I have finally solved it,and am now sitting back to appreciate it.

Abhishek Behera said...

yes. indeed.

Stupidosaur said...

Thanks! You were the only single point of solace amongst "all the comments" I received till yesterday! Thanks for pre-understanding what I formally presented only now! In fact when I wrote this, I technology was not the first thing in my mind!

//huh??? how can they not recognize the problem?

cos they never had to face it.

//and if a solution is working for them there was obviously a problem in the first place for the solution to be in place...

Yes of course there was a problem which was solved. But 'they' didn't solve it. When they came along, the solution was already there for them.

//wah wah wah wah... kya confusion hai, bhai...




//WV: prata...
doesn't that sound like the way a person living in Delhi would say parantha :p

Nope, sounds more like masculine form of 'Preeti'! What say ? ;)

P.S: Hope the comment 'benefits' you if you 'trespass' again. Also sorry to disappoint you - no naked padmasana over here, only pathetic truths about perfect existence ;)

Hey! Good generalization! If the solution is gone, they will see the problem and miss it! Same if those who solved it and are solving on ongoing basis are gone! And of course we realize what we had when the loved ones (or just their love) are gone!)

@Oho Nitin 'merikahani'? Welcome back! Long time! BTW why did you delete the merikahani blog? or is it just no longer visible in your profile?

Thanks for the effort! If Preeti hadn't commented, and you had commented only after solving the problem of understanding my post, but without mentioning that you had to ponder over it, I would have never realised that it was a problem, which some people solved, and not everybody can solve! ;)

Your name reminds me of old time MR Coffee ads ;)

@Ab Sim
Yep! Absolutely!

MRC said...

MR Coffee?bhaat eet is?Nevaar I haf haard off eet!Only I am tayreeng off wraeeting Monishikha RoyChoudhury ebherybhayre so Im wraeeting ehm aar cee.

Srishti said...

Oh, as in, some disease! Like, Brain Fever or something. Or something which killed people in the olden times but now there's a vaccine for it so people just go and get it and don't appreciate the disease.
I think.

Is this right?

Ketan said...

Thanks, Stupidosaur! Did you or did you not mean it in context of technology? Asking since somehow "not" after 'was not' is looking like a typo. Or is it my wishful thinking to be bang on?

@ Srishti: And more importantly, people would not appreciate the solution, i.e., the knowledge that vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy. I think that's Stupidosaur had meant.

S said...

quite a riot here huh :)
dropped by after a long time..

Darshan Chande said...


Preeti said...

you mean person...

but i am laughing... :D

PS: took me a long time to figure out your dig about the WV... i still cant get over it... :D

CRD said...

hehe. right on!

Just stumbled upon your blog...nice reading


chinmai said...

haha ..good one...

wise donkey said...

whats wrong in appreciating the old solution and being happy about it rather than imagine or think of problems so that you don't have a problem...

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