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Is ladke ka kuchh hoga kya?

Thursday, May 29, 2008
The Time:
Yesterday evening

The Stage :
Office Canteen

The Props:
Dinner plates on the table.
IPL match on the Cable.
(Yes my office canteen has TV! :))

The Flops:
A Stupidosaur and a Human.

Scene Unfolds....
Kings XI Punjab made a 221 in 20 overs.
Rajasthan Royals are chasing 222 to win.
1 wicket already gone in the beginning. Runrate is lot below the required.
2nd wicket falls!

Stupidosaur : Kya lagta hai, hoga?
Human : Nahin. Mujhe nahin lagta.
Stupidosaur : Arrey hoga na. Kyun nahin hoga? Kuchh toh zaroor hoga. Kya honae ke baarey mein poochh raha hoon yeh meine kab bataya? Hoga? Obviously hoga! Kya hoga? Kya malum!
Human : $#@^%#@&!
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