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My Foot's Smart My Foot!

Monday, May 19, 2008
I received this email forward from a friend who just like me, is out of work but not out of job :)
It goes like..

“Try to see if you can outsmart your foot–no matter how many times you try, you can’t!”
1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.
2. Now, while doing this, draw the number “6″ in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction …..And there’s nothing you can do about it! ”

I tried. And failed first. I used to think only humans suffer from such idiosyncrasies. I was devastated to realise that Stupidosaurs are equally unevolved!

But the mail is exaggerating the part about "...And there's nothing you can do about it"
The stupidosaur did do something about it.

Instead of clawing the Six in the air from its top tip anticlockwise, he drew the six-in-the-air from central belly to the top tip clockwise.
Great. Mission accomplished. Now I can draw the number 6 in the air while rotating my right foot clockwise. Yay!
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  1. AWESOME... so does it mean repltiles will rule the world pretty soon????
    it was nice waisay..
    btw deleted my post... and abtu being top blogger.. lets be friends first... and then even if u suck i will love ur posts.. i m blindly loyal to my freinds....hows that?
    take care(its better now..isnt it?)
    my verification word is sbnHEN
    u really have a connection with hens and eggs... :D:D:D:D

  2. //.. lets be friends first...
    I thought we already are :( :P

    //take care

    aapne humey care diya. Hum ne le liye :)

    So when reptiles rule the world, you need not worry ;)

    And obviously mera eggs and hens ke saath strong connection hai.

    We are born out of eggs, unlike you mammals. And unlike you cry-baby humans, the first things we stupidosaurs do after coming out of the egg is laugh. We laugh like this:


    How about renaming this site "The Maryum and Stupidosaur forum"?
    Or maybe we can rename atleast the comments section to that once I learn how to do it? :)

    P.S: I am having afterthoughts now. Dosti rakhun ya nahin. I mean otherwise how would ever I know what was actually behind the "AWESOME..." Meri Achchi Dost ya Meri Achchi Post? :-)

  3. WE are friends.. and its too late to do afterthoughts now... we are already friends and ab dosti rakhun ya nahi ka sawal hee nahi hai... cuz my dosti is for keeps...ab ro beth k...

    and that AWESOME was for your achchi post from your achi dost:D

    I think u will know urself when ur posts will suck.. and u wont have to be in two minds abt achi dost ya achi post thing...and if u wont know.. i will tell you .. dont wry:)

    LUVVVVVED the idea of ur comment section's name...

    sayesha has a laugh post.. ur laugh has to be there.. i m laughing sooooo louding.. literally LOL.. henhenhenhenhenhenhen
    hahahahahah....its nice...
    thanks for the laughs
    ps. its nice knowing you:) and waiting for the next post.. u must be thinking kitni vailee(farig) hai...but thn i m thinking the same about you;)

  4. and haan... dont listen to this new song "aditi" from sum movie janetuya na sumthing.. i really like the song and i want to keep on liking it:D

  5. Dekha, not so vailaa or firag today. Studying for a test tomorrow. Gonna probably flunk it since was I talking to you since so many days ;)

    I wont listen to the song 'adtiti' from the sumthing movie if you dont send it to me when you get my mail id. So its upto you.

    On second thoughts, bhej hi dena!

    Is that 'jane tu ya..' or some south-indian language word 'janetuya'?

  6. okay .. flunk the test blame it on me... why me.. yaha mera bhia bhi yehi kehta hia .. fail ho to kehta hia maryam gaane sun rahi thi ..but i guess ur reason is valid.. u really did write long msges... phir bhi.. all the best ....i know u'll fail but still...try

    i wasnt vailee either today.. too much work to do ... and was too tired as well..
    btw met abhi(hitler soul) online today.. told him abt u .. and he is like i love honest people.. he(You) calls himself stupid.. aajkal k zamane main kon itna hosnestly apne baare main bolta hia..
    and its JAAANE TU... ya jaane na (the same way i wrote)
    its ur bad influence k i wrote janetuya...will send u if i get bored of it by the time i get ur email.. cant risk it to turn into an aloo gaaajar mooli thing. khair... will leave u to study.... and sincerely wishing u best of luck for your test

  7. //i know u'll fail but still...


    //cant risk it to turn into an aloo gaaajar mooli thing. khair

    And now that you have told me the the name of the movie as well as the keyword 'anjali' whats will protect your song from stupidosaur?
    I guess studies will, for now...

  8. yeah yeah.. the keyword is ANJALI.. dont forget it:))

    and what are u sheeshing about... i did sincerely wish u all the best.. but u cant pass on the best of luck wish only... khair now study... i wont take the blame if u fail.. and after the test tomorow do let me know how it went.. cuz if u pass.. i would luv to take credit;)

  9. @maryum

    (addressing to bus formality ban gayi hai. Its The Maryum and Stupidosaur forum!)

    Was wondering did you travel long distance or did you refer my site to some friend of yours?

    (Cos now there are 'two visitors' from your country, located far apart)

  10. i dont do publicity unless i m paid... and as u didnt pay me... i didnt tell anyone.. just told abhi in the morning.. and not abt ur blog just abt u... may b some other silent lurker came from sayeshaz..or may b its me.. in the morning i checked ur blog from my office and now i m doing it from my home.. but my office and home are 15 minutes away during rush hours.. so its not me..
    wohoooooo u've got a new reader.. congrats..

  11. or maybe your office's ISP network is physically located far from that of you home. As simple as that!

    Yes I think thats what it is cos the 'two' of you have been paying visits to my lair since day one. And that too so many visits!

  12. ohoo.. so theres no new reader ,,, main aiween khush ho gayi:(... chalo never mind.. and how are they so many visits... i just visisted like 10 or so times.. :D
    neways me will go now.. have office tomorow and thn weekend:D:D:D:D hope u do gud in the test

  13. u want me to make ur hitter exceed 200 or 300??? lemme know.. will hit as many times as i can:D.. form ghar from daftar just to make u happy:D

  14. @maryum:

    Aapka confidence rang laya!
    Mein fail ho gaya!

    But anyways it wasn't any life altering exam.

    It was an company's internal exam to test the employee's 'technical competency'

    Starting this year it has been made madatory to pass it to be eligible for raise, promotions ,etc [eligible does not mean u get raise :( , not eligible definitely means you dont get raise :) ]

    Least experienced people have to give level 1.

    'Old Guys' like me have to give level 2.(Since there are total 8 level, I am not that 'old' either ;

    Till now, only out of those who gave level 1 did some pass. All of us who have given level 2 till date have failed! So that way I can take consolation!

    Infact I can even rejoice in a way!
    1)None have passed.
    2)Passing percentage is 70. (63 of 90 questions)
    3)I scored 62!
    4)So amongst all who gave the level 2 till today (there are weekly slots) I am the top scorer!

    All questions were multiple choice.
    So if only I had got one more question right by the good old inky-ponky, I would have been the first to pass! (maybe some others passed today. Official weekly results are not out yet. Only individuals know there score and pass/fail)

    But then, if I had passed, I would have been the bottom scorer of the passed ones in the end. Once passed you cant attempt the test again.

    Right now I am allowed two more attempts. At the end of August, top scorers will get prizes.

    So since I have failed, I still have chance to score tops.

  15. awwww....theres always a next time.. so better luck next time..but i m so proud of u getting 62...
    neways i m in office....and i have to think for some campaign and mera mind is blank.. and as the test is behind u now.. why dont u write something..may b mera mind trigger ho jaye.. only if u are free.. but by seeing the length of ur msg.., i guess u are free..write some funny stuff from ur fake jewels.

  16. and i think u arent free...
    neways i finished the brainstorming thing.. so dont need ur funny post to wake my mind up.. but still would love to read anything written by you....
    what part of india are u in?

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. okay.. delete kar do!!!!
    i know now... my very good friend lives there too.. so now i have two ppl to meet in you confidentail city... and how could u find sayesha n not me on orkut.. oh yeah yahan orkut ban hai.. thats why... neways thanks for the post.. luved it...will wait for the mail

  19. Kya karein unse hamara bahut purana one sided 'bhai'chara hai. (one sided albeit)
    Had found bhai on Orkut even before your first comment.

    Plus your 'blog' has no details about you, to base my 'investigations' on.

    And what is this? 'Investigations' talk above, 'confidential city' talk before that? Yeh forum hai ya jasooson ka adda? Oh wait I see you have written confidenTail city. How did you know about the next post thats being written ;) ?

    But let me warn you that I am a lot more boring and lot less interesting person in person. (Yeh kya Picture in Picture TV ke jaisa Person in Person TV? (There is a pun in that, which you will not get now, but will, soon)

    By the way regarding some confusion caused by your ban talk. Are you or are you not on Orkut?

  20. when i wrote u found sayesha and not me.. i meant...how could u find sayesha on orkut when i couldnt find HER.. cuz i did try to find her... i was talking abt me finding her.. not you finding me.. kya samjhe....

    and abt the confidential city... after posting the comment i saw k kitne typos hai us main.. but nuthing cud be done thn...

    why dont u let me decide how boring or uninteresting you are in person? apne reptile dimag per itna zor mat do...

    and abt the ban thing.. saudi ppl have this thing for banning anything that has a lil bit of dirt in it.. and apparently orkut was full of dirt.. so its banned.. half of the websites that even 1% bad stuff in them.. they disappear.. so orkur disappeared one fine day.. and no i m not on orkut... i was... under false appearence as like you, me too dont want unwanted people MAKINF FRENSHIP with me... and seeing my pictures and reading me scraps and all.. so it wasnt my favorite place..i like facebook.. i m kinda addicted to it.. and i m waiting k saudi government yeh kab band karegi... i hope not..

    so...u compeleted that document for the new kids in the failures ki company;)
    i m soo mean..
    maryum(waiting for the next post)

  21. We are NOT a failures ki company.

    Infact we (as in, our company) have set the bar SO high for oursleves, that now we are struggling to meet it!

    But when we cross the bar, we will come out shining like true gold! maybe platinum even!

    By the way, if you remember, the correct word is FRAANDSHIP I think.

    And now orkut also provides privacy, really, if you opt for it.
    scraps, pics, profile,everything.

    Sayesha is also on facebook. Me not. Ab list mein ek aur naam add ho gaya-aapka. So maybe I will one day break upon the Facebook scene.

    No today I just discussed. Will complete tomorrow.

    And my reptile dimaag found her out. Just like that. Bina zor daaley. Too bad you dont have reptile brain. or tail (see latest post. Or for your own good, don't see it, for the sheer length of it).

    The day I posted the anda comment,and recieved positive comment reply from her too I thought since I have already shown myself, let me go all out and find her in 'real' orkut world too. And I did. Just like that! Snap! *Collar chada ke chal diye*

  22. where is the post??????
    i dont see it.. may b cuz i t\dont have reptile eyes????jo bhi hia fix it soon.. me going to eat diner 15 minute main aakar i m checking the post.. so do sumthing in the next 15 minutes.... and ur last msg ka jawab bhi 15 minute baad deti hoon :D
    ps. sayesha is not her real name:p(just say that u didnt know that even if you did)

  23. Very creative indeed! I liked it. :)

  24. @maryum

    of course I know Sayesha is not her real name. Not only that, now I also know what the real name is :)

    What did you expect, that I found someone named 'Sayesha' on orkut and offered Fraandship thinking kumbh ke mele mein bichhda hua Bhai mil gaya?

    yeah I know. thanks :)

    (Hah just listen to that arrogant little punk of a stupidosaur gloat over himself!)

  25. cant we delete HER comment?
    i know its mean.. very mean.. and she will never comment again if u do that ..but what the hell.. i can make a fake id and comment...wat say? u shud kill me.. really.. or ur t rex guy

    waisay mean to aap bhi kam nahi hian...u know sayeshaz real name.. and u told me that u know her real name.. how mean is that...

    but thn i forgive you.. just cuz u are in a sick mood...btw y are u in a sick mood? feel free to talk if you want to OR to kick me and yell mind your own business...


  26. @maryum

    Mujhe asli naam bata kar bhai se panga lena hai kya?

    Uska chhokra log aise hich tapka daalenga mereko. T-Rex (Tyranosaurus Rex, the big non veg dinosaurs that ->walks<- on 2 feet, the main or 'boss' villians in Jurassic Park movies ) bhi mujhe bacha nahin payega. Because it became extict long long ago. I clarified what T-Rex is cos it seemed you did not get what 'T-rex guy' I was talking about)

    But anyways, I thought you must be knowing her real name and had asked me the question just to show off to me, assuming I did not know. Because you correspond with her via email.Why not ask her yourself? (I cannot reveal identities without the explicit permission of the identified. Sorry!

    And don't worry I was not really in any sick mood :) . I said so at that time on an immediate context basis because of the sickish nature of that comment with dog collar, asking you to go to T-rex and stuff like that.

    //cant we delete HER comment?
    Ayla! Kya possessiveness hai!

    [OK I guess you were not asking for much. You just wanted this particular post to be 'Our Forum' isn't it? :)]

    maaf kar do yaar kanan ko

    Maryum ko maafi dai do.
    Bachchi thodi nadaan hai.

    @world in general
    Shyeah! kya double dholki bajata hai Stupidosaur kahin ka!

  27. i havent watched jurassic park and have no interest watsoever either..i think when the first one came i wanst even born or may b too young .. and these types of movies give me creeps.. so i stick to light comedeis and the likes...

    thanks for enlightening me abt the t-rex guy though...

    i was thinking of askign sayesha abt her name.. i guess i will ask her.. waisay i love sayesha(the name).. i like names with sh sound in them...

    yeah the possessiveness extends to this coment box only...
    chalo me gtg now
    will catch u later tonite..
    write sumthing good if u have time

  28. i was going to post my message here.. galti se doosre post k comment box main chala gaya...so if u are replying.. reply here...:)

  29. awww! I already replied to the other comment.

  30. its okay... i dont want ur other readers not to comment just because every comment place is the maryum and stupidosaur forum..and thn theywill be in fear k kahi maryum un ka comment delete na karwa de.. so thats why i said to reply her.. otherwise i m very happy to have so many maryum and stupidosaur forums..lol...

    thanks for the explaination on you guys...what i meant was u and abhi.. he too uses gtalk and doesnt know heo yahoo and hotmail messengers work.. neways loved ur reply... will talk abt it later.. right now have to go with mom to her friend's house.. which i dont want to do.. but still have to... life u see;)


  31. how*

    i m just writing my typos again so that i will read the comment before posting and wont have to type the typo again..
    cuz i hate your verfication code thing...
    kuch samjh main aaya yah nahi????

  32. incoming signal....
    *crackle* *Cheeeeeiiinnn* *buzzzzzz*
    frequency match!

    her means here* even though here* does not mean her
    heo means how* even though how* does not mean heo


    aunty ke ghar kya kya mazey kiye?

    yeah :) abt the other potential commentors afraid to comment on the maryam-stupidosaur forum!

    Some may even be thinking I just told my friend to pose as some random maryum to increase comments on my blog! Or maybe I myself am commenting as maryum.

    Also, I forgot:

    Seems they liked the training project doc.

  33. bilkul barabar!!!ur teh smartest reptile ever...a pat on ur balanced tail from me:D

    even though now i will read my post before clicking "PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT"..and u wont have to dimag lagao....now u must be used to them..hiana?

    kitna writer writer feel hota hia PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT read kar k....

    so abt the yahoo thing.. u know what...they do tell u when u make a new account... that page where u check without reading "i agree on the terms and all" i think in those terms and conditions its written abt the deactivation thing.. but then i may be wrong cuz i havent read it either..:P

    i like google too..its nice...google god zindabad... yahoo i've been using since sooo long..isliye apna apna sa lagta hai.. and i love yahoo messenger k emoticons...they even have a bhangra emoticon too.. cute cute.. so anyways my relatives dont like yahoo and looovvvvve msn .. so just to be intouch with them i had to downlaod msn and make an account as well. but not a big fan of msn .. and that account gets deactivated every now and then cuz i dont check it that often...

    so we are kinda alike in that too *shudders* me and the reptile alike... ya khuda:D

    and anty k ghar koi maza nahi kiya.. her daughter is getting married.. so she was showing her shadi ki shopping.. which was okay(not a big fan of shopping or shadi for that matter..life u see;)) and now mom and dad are out grocery shopping... and i m supposed to be doing my office work.. kal presentation deni hai which isnt even half way complete.. i hate working on weekends..ughhhhh..even on weekdays but thats different

    neways this post has 34 comments now.. including this one.. do reptiles have their special kind of bhangra??? may b u can do that...

    its such an honor for a new blogger to have this many comments on his shuruh shuruh ki post... we'll celebrate on the fiftieth comment... wat say? i m pretty sure its gonna take 2-3 days max before we reach that target...:D

    chalo phir.. c u later.. google bhabhi ko pyaar:D
    PS:now i m going to reread my msg from the start for tons of typos

    PS again: bohut kam mistakes thi.. i m improving.. just ur verification code k darr se:D

  34. pehli line k 4th word main typo hai.. pathetic... its the*

  35. Busy yesterday?
    What happened to The Forum?

  36. i didnt get you!!!
    //what happened to the forum????
    what happened... and yeah i was kinda busy yesterday..not busy actually.. didnt i tell u last week that i hate saturdays.. they kill me....so thats why was too tired.
    tum batao..hows everything.. its ur weekend and u posted a msg at 4 am..?
    ps. gud morning again

  37. i m still up to our half cnetury target.. but cant talk to myself.. or may be i can talk to myself? i do that very well.. i even think aloud....
    what entertaining blog u found.. tell me about it...and may b its our abhi... will ask him.. sometimes tau waisay i think you are abhi..ur and his sense of humour is kinda same. but thn ur and his locations dont match up...khair i m LOL in my office on ur comment on the urv guy.. nice..

    oh btw i hate yahoo...itne saal ka saath hia.. but apni harkaton se baaz nahi aata..

  38. hez nice... and he has OUR abhi in the bloggers on the side(bloggroll i think)and u are so right.. he writes old days k abhi ki tarah...thank u for telling me about him,,, ab 2 hafte us k blog ko read karungi in free time...
    abhi mera lunch break hai..so khana khane k baad apni hindi ki kahani likhoongi,, tell thn .. throw attitude:D

  39. OMG(oh my god)!
    he is funny and i cant control my laughter
    wish i was at home..khul k hasti
    neways 10 more to go:D

  40. by kahani i meant mera hindi incident... and in my second last msg(actually after posting this one it will be third last..kuch samjhe?)i wrote wanted to write till then but tooti hoyi ungliyoon ne tell then likh diya.. do forgive mr owner of the blog:D
    khair abt my hindi language ka incident... i called called by the boss so cudnttype..may b tomorow ya may b ghar ja kar...
    till then

  41. GAWD,,,,itne typos.....
    hadh hai
    //i wrote wanted to write till then
    correct version= i wanted to write
    // i called called by the boss so cudnttype
    correct version= i was called by the boss so cudnt type

  42. once upon a time when i was young( i m still young..so lets say when i was younger) i was confident that i can read hindi...but as noone in my family knew how to read they thought i was bluffing.. .so one fine day india and pakistan ka hockey ka match tha.. and india was loosing.. bigtime.. pakistan k 4 goal the and india was 1 i guess... and we werent getting the channel jis per match aaraha tha... so my dad was watching its highlights on star news(which sucks).so in the last 20 minutes or so india ne 4 5 goal ek saath kar diye and the score become 4-7 , 7 being india.. and indians won..now star news has this headlne bharat ne pakistan ko 7-4 se peeta...
    and i told my dad wat it said.. and my dad is like u are so wrong... its written k pakistan 7-4 se jeeta.. i said i know how to read hindi dad.. i know what its saying.. khair he didnt believe ME and said k bet lagao k pakistan won.. cuz 4 goals is big..khair i never bet lagao on things but that day i did.. and i won.. cuz india did peeto pakistan by 7-4 and from that day onwards when i tell my dad k hindi main kya likha hai he believes me.. even if i tell him crap and thn say bet lagayen..
    and this is msg number 44 and my father never game me the money he lost in the bet..

  43. Arrey wah aap ekdum multilinguistic ho!

    Urdu, Angreji, Hindi, aur kaun-kaunsi?

    Isi baat ko lekar aapka pahela blog ho jaye!

    Kaafi lamba comment hai. Interesting hai. Plus ek hi point ko lekar hai. Independent of other comments hai. Qualifies to be a blog. Kya khayal hai.

    Hey, plus you could draft it and show it to your dad. You can tell him that if he does not pay up the bet amount to the 'bettee' (like 'payee'?), then beti will tell the whole world about in in her blog ;-)

    Waise mazaa aaya match ka turnaround sunkar. India jeet gayee yay! Oops I may get in your bad books by doing this eh? Well, though that yay was partially about India, it wasn't wholly so. Actually I enjoy any incident of the initially underdog becoming the eventual superdog.

    I am getting to know this side of me better with the IPLs (might write a post about it too )

    And hey forget about the message number. Its just a joke or a timepass thing. Since we are friends, we have already won the match. So it does not matter if the partnership does not reach 50!

    (Are you a cricket buff? Am I using crickettish talk here? Sorry cant help it. Just watched a very fascinating nail biting IPL match!)

  44. gee gee bilkul... i can read arabic without understanding it.. cuz its written exactly in the same way as urdu..i can speak a lil bit arabic.. atleast bargaining wali... and i know 3-4 words of malyalam.. thats about it...

    blog wlog main nahi likh sakti .. may b i would have written it some 3-4 yrs back..at that time i was really good at making ppl laugh and cracking jokes and loving life and living it fully
    thn stupid things(read life) happened and i kinda became a weird person..even though i still make ppl laugh and all but its not the same anymore.. and waisay bhi i cant write understandable sentences..but i m glad that u said its worth writing a blog about... just made my day:D:D:D:D thanks for that...

    abt blackmailing dad.. i tried that so many times... but he wudnt give me ...and no matter how much money he gives main woh 100 riyal(Saudi currency) dil per likhe hoye hian:D may b in future.. umeed per dunya kayam hai...

    i too like matches that have unexpected results.. and no i wont put u in my bad books.. half of my freinds are indians and i loooooooove bharat....i m big supporter of india during matches.. cuz i like india and by cheering them on i make my dad and bhai angry(patriots:D))and i dont know why but it makes me feel devilish..and happy :))))so that day too when i said k india won,, my brother and dad thought i m just saying it to tapao them.. my brother said... maryam agar shakal achi na ho to insaan ko baat achi nikalni chaiye muh se....so i said achi baat he to nikali hai.. india won.. but they didnt believe me..my mom did believe me.. she was the one who kept on saying shart lagao shart lagao.. she might be thinking k i will give her half the money.. but kanjoos baap...so dont fear u are still in my good books...bharat rocks
    i wish i could go there once in my life.. i have so many ppl to meet.. so many places to see.. i just wish.........:)

    and no i m not a buff buff kind of a cricket buff but i do enjoy a good match and i hate slow overs...my favourite match is the one between south africa and australia.. where australia scored the hightest score 434 and south africa won by making 437.. thats the match i lovesd.. and i love south africa .. more than that .. i actually hate australians... ever since we lost the world cup to them..
    this 20/20 concept is nice.. jaldi se match shuruh jaldi se match khatam ... but not watching ipl as mere bhai k 12th final board exams ho rahe hain .. and he is the biggest cricket maniac guy ever.. so we try not to put that channel on... padhta to woh waisay hee nahihia.. agar match laga diya to ilzaam humare sar aajayega.. so no matches,,,
    so now i m going to sleep.. gud night... and ignore the typos.. waisay bhi ab to adaat padh hee gayi hogi mere typos ki..
    ps. i noted that shaam and shyam ki difference too but i thought may b u write shaam with a "ya" in it in hindi.. and congrats on a new reader CHINmai:D..

  45. and the msg had very few typos..i m improving:D

  46. hey
    Gud morning...
    waiting for ur ipl post... wud luve to read ur thots on that.. read both abhiz(bheja and hitler's) blogs and the bheja guy was hilarious...post sumthing... i m thinking of starting from the start of the bhej guy's blog...wat say.

  47. hey!!!
    busy busy ya MOOD nahi hia msg likhne ka?
    neways i got a few minutes break so just came to say HI!

  48. awww you are such a nice person.. so here is the 50th comment.. yippppppppi

    i was just going to post a 50th comment here before you did... but then my freind called and started talking and time flew.. and thn u left the msg.. how sweet ..thank u ,, i love this forum.. apna apna sa lagta hai (ab 50 msg k baad bhi apna na lage to lanat hai mujh pe)

    and will u beleive if i tell you that in my 50th msg i was about to ask you about ur test results... CONGRATS... i had a feeling that u were going to pass..(didnt i tell you that i will take credit if you pass:))

    i hate work that keeps bloggers away from blogging:D

    u found one MORE common aspect between A and you... what do u mean by MORE... more to tab use ho ga na jab we will be talking abt A and B as they already have some common aspects... now again i start suspecting k kahin U and B same to nahi ..??!?!?!?!?!?!

    oh now i get it(read it again).. tubelight u see... so what common aspect did u find between A and B(or is it U?)

    i read A's first blog today .. he writes stories as well. suspense types... second one i started reading and LAUGHED SO LOUDLY k everyone wanted to know what i was reading.. ... and kaam kaafi ziada tha.. so cudnt read more... laughter is very dangerous at times..

    me going now.. thanks for the honor of this 50th msg.. its really nice knowing you(as little as i know;)

  49. and too much work is bad.. one has to take 5-10 minutes ki break after 1 ghante ka kaam.. thats how the brain works..(atleadt mine:D)

  50. Hey I have NOT cleared the test. I said I am preparing for it. I was just correcting the info I got last time. That time I said no one had yet cleared the test. And since I was having the maximum marks you can have and still fail, I had said I was the topper(one mark more & I would have passed)

    But since one fellow cleared the test, I am second now!

    I did not find any common aspect between A and B. I found common aspect between A an Me ( B and Me are not same, inspite of whatever you feel :)).

    But I will not tell it on public forum. You see it provides leads to my identity. Maybe when I mail u :)

  51. didnt i tell you i was a tubelight!!!!!!
    but i will blame it on my 50th msg ki excitement:)
    when u said u are no longer a topper i thought u passed.. as fail hone walon main were the toppe.. chalo bahi jo bhi hai.. all the best again for the test..whatever:)

    and abt the common aspect between u and A..why dont u just tell it..
    nobody reads this PUBLIC forum
    that was mean...
    khair do email whenever u feel like.. i m always waiting for shocks:D
    ps. do i know you?
    not what i knwo of you from this forum..other thn that .. do i know u??????i have a freind from ur city but he has a facebook account... but he too calls me AAP but thn many ppl are respectful haina??? do i know u???

  52. Why don't you ask your friend whther he blogs or not? That way you can narrow the chances of me being that friend of yours.

    //nobody reads this PUBLIC forum

    yeah but do we intend to keep it that way all the way ;-)?

  53. i asked u first...so u tell me..
    and public on the public form has finally arrived;)
    or did u bribe the public just to show me k dekho public does read this forum...;)
    Gud morning

  54. Well. If I AM that friend of yours, then when you ask him and he answers you, will I not have answered first, just like you are demanding?

  55. okay fine.. i did ask him .. and guess what he said..
    he said he doesnt like to blog as he doesnt want to tell much about his private life to unknwon ppl.. but THAT is what u say as well..and he again called me AAP...so what am i to believe??!??!!!
    its fun actually... muft ki entertainment ho rahi hia.. and i get to solve the unsolved mystery...c u later

  56. okay fine.. i did ask him .. and guess what he said..
    he said he doesnt like to blog as he doesnt want to tell much about his private life to unknwon ppl.. but THAT is what u say as well..and he again called me AAP...so what am i to believe??!??!!!
    its fun actually... muft ki entertainment ho rahi hia.. and i get to solve the unsolved mystery...c u later

  57. The mystery is the figment of your own mysterious mind's imagination.
    There was no mystery to begin with.
    Yeah but if it keeps you entertained, go ahead, keep playing.

    Here is a big hint:
    //he said he doesnt like to blog as he doesnt want to tell much about his private life to unknwon ppl..

    I love to blog and at the same time I love not to tell much about my private life to unknwon people ;)

    So go figure. Can the two be same???? Oh man! I am so confused!

    You want the zodiac of which of us Krazzy 4?

  58. the last one in the crazy squad...stupid guy,,,,zombie,,,fool....YOU
    you i wana know... i dont believe it stars but still wana know,,,and vineet( thats my other friend from ur city..) he said may b the blog guy is someone famous and thats why he doesnt want to disclose his identity...are u.. just imagine.agar tum salman khan nikal aao.. to kya maza aayega.. kaash.....

  59. Stupidosaur cant tell you the zodiac of Me. Me is very secretive about it. He hasn't told it to any of the other three.

    Stupidosaur : Sorry Maryum :(

    Me (Hiding behind the pillar) : Heh Heh!

    Maryum, you said you don't believe in stars.
    So if that means "You dont believe in Zodiac", you will not 'believe' even if we actually told you our Zodiacs. So whats the point of telling you?
    Or if it means that you don't believe in 'stars' like Salman Khan, then will you stop believing in us if we turn out to be stars?

    And we are not Salman yet. Abhi tak aur 6 personality splits hoyenge tab hum banenge 'Dus ka Dum!'

    (Salman's new game show, in case you dont know)

  60. ya khudaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
    i dont beleive in horoscope but i like to read abt zodiac signs..just the traits and stuff...
    luved ur msg..lol lol
    what are u... free today??
    i know abt salmanz new show..i m big fan...i know abt his shows and movies...
    ask ME to come from behid the pillar and tell me abt teh zodiac..

  61. //ask ME to come from behid the pillar and tell me abt teh zodiac..

    OK come from behind the pillar and tell me about the zodiac :)

  62. hahaha:D
    you were hiding behid the piller.. one of ur many personalities...ok i admit.. its my mistake that i wrote ME.. ok now YOU tell me whats ur zodiac.. and believe me .. u arent the only one having that zodiac.. so its no big secret and ur identity wont be reveiled

  63. Yes, but for someone trying to identify me, the possiblity pool reduces to 1/12th right? So finding me becomes 12 times easier!

    Aisan kaisan chalenga :P

  64. u dont want me to identify you?????oh comeon... hint....
    newways .. its our weekend again. and we have to go to a stupid party ..isliye cant sleep and in a frustrated mood..(meri neend na poori ho to aisa hee hota hai) neways... post something new...

  65. was just missing this FORUM and came only to say hi:D

  66. You are MaryUm.
    Like Mary Jane.
    Mary Lou, etc.
    Can I nickname you Um?
    I will keep commenting on this forum for Um! :-)

  67. very very nice:)
    FORUM for UM... very smart...
    yeah i dont mind the nickname:D
    i am a nickname delight for my friends:) so watever u wana call me!!
    i readur new post.. but my mind is too tired and too blank to samjho it and comment.. kal saturday hai... which by now u shud know i hate.. and i have tons of things to do tomorow.. so sunday ko comment doon to chalega? yah na doon to bhi chalega????

  68. Um...hello!
    (No that was not an interjection!) ;-)

  69. i love this forUM... really.. :D:D:D
    mere office ka net is killing me... some problem in the lines.. 3 din se office main maut ka sama hai(without internet)
    and when i come home i m too tired to type anything... uff..neways... hows u? doabar exam kab hai...????and now u cant blame me for ur failure.. ab to u have many ppl keeping ur comment place busy:)

  70. do u get any statcounter thing to know how many ppl come to ur comment section as well?
    its 75 msges forum now...yippiii!!!!
    mahine lag jaate hain logon ko itne comments k liye.,..lol..
    shud we go to bhai;s bar and celebrate?

  71. I havent been able to understand it yet.

    Most of the times, when people comment, or visit comment page, I dont see any special statcounter entry.

    But a few times I have found entries like:

    Ek bar apan dono baith ke R&D karenge.
    Tu alag alag scenarios try karna, like visiting comments page from the main page, visiting comment page from individual post, writing comment etc. Fir mein corresponding statcounter response dekhunga. kya khayal hai?

    But yeah, whenever you visit the forum I'll get an entry for
    http://saying-private-yarn.blogspot.com/2008/05/my-foots-smart-my-foot.html visited by someone from saudi arabia.

    so I'll know you visited and check for comments :)

  72. saturday ki bekaar subah subah mai u brought a smile to my sleepy face by posting a msg on the forUM...and yeah whenever we are online together.. i'll play with you..you understanding statcounter thing...

  73. was missing the forum..
    just came to say hi:)
    u didnt hear that song by any chance did u? the one i dont want destroyed by your sabzi ki dukan?
    was just goin thru old msges..isliye asking:)

  74. ab tak to nahin.
    mail kar do to zaroor sununga. Aur fir sabziyon ka navratan korma banake tandoori ke saath bhijwaa doonga :D

  75. that song is not my favorite anymore.sun sun kar bore ho gayi.so i can let u hear it,,, will try to send u...

  76. u like adnan sami's music? as in singing i mean?i was listening to him kal.. and socha will ask u .. but then socha k agar gaaana bata kar ask kiya to beda garak ho jayega gaane ka...

  77. woh humara garam bheja fry wala bloger aajkal kuch likh kyun nahi raha? any idea????

    numbr(its my verification code...mere typos jaisa lagta hai na)

  78. have u seen naach? abhishek antra maali ki movie? or road(vivek oberoi and antra mali agian)???did u enjoy them ???

  79. agar tumhe apne hits ki itni fikar hai to mujhje bhi to apne forum k liye koi target rakhna chaiye na...i m going to TRY to make 100 msges on the FORUM...ek msg to kanan ka hai ... so if the comments are 100 it will actually mean 99.. but thn i deleted one comment.. 100 will actually mean 101(100 our comments and one kanan'z) so 100 it is...

  80. i hate your verification code thing

  81. i have so much work to do... i hate it when daftar ppl give me work for home..more than i hate your verification codes..isliye kaam karne ki jagah msges post kar rahi hoon

  82. Achhchha gata hai woh. I have no ->idea<- why he doesn't write. May be he doesn't either. So he does not write. I had seen bits and pieces here and there when they came on cable long back. Never seen full. But theek thaak hi thi. Movie bhi, Antara bhi (is that what you are trying to get at? Cos thats the only connection I see in the two movies you said together in one breath)

    //i hate it when daftar ppl give me work for home..
    fir spelling mistake :O?
    Shouldn't it read
    // hate it when duffer ppl give me work for home..


    After 100, I mean 101 comments are reached, we wil keep a test called FORUM 101 huh?

  83. agar tum chahte to her msg ka alag alag jawab de kar mere message counter ko 90s main laa sakte the.. per nahi.. hadh hai besharmi ki...
    yaaaad kar woh waqt jab maine tere counter ko 200 baar hit kiya tha...woh bhi within one-two hrs.. khair..ur busy making ppl proud.. so its okay i gues... and u are soooooo right.. it should have been duffer... they really are duffer.. khair.. me gtg and sleeeeep..

  84. n it seems like the blog is celebrating as well.. my verification code for the last msg was vdzfyEGG

  85. //agar tum chahte to her msg ka alag alag jawab de kar mere message counter ko 90s main laa sakte the.. per nahi.. hadh hai besharmi ki...

    Hey I did that with the best intentions. So that we can talk maximum before reaching 100, after which the 'forum's' charm might risk fade off!

    And why dislike the word verification!
    Kitney interesting interesting words deta hai naa! HEN, EGGS, URV, MARYUM aur pata nahin kya kya! :)

  86. i love this forUM for obvious reasons..so the charm stays for me... the vericode is another story

  87. hey!
    sumthing is going on but i m not sure abt it... so as soon as i m sure.. i will let you know....office is still the same hectic thing... home is okay too..and riyadh is wayyyy too hot...in the night the i\temprature is 46-48 celcius...we are plannin to go to pakiland next month mid..so lets see kya hota hai...wahan garmi is se bhi ziada hai... and light bhi nahi ho gi:(((
    wats going on in ur part of the world?

  88. heyyyy!!!!
    long time ho gaya tha and i was missing my forum so much... yeh daftar wale jaan hee nahi chorte...jab se they know k i m going to pakiland.. har 2 minute k baad koi na koi naya kaam le kar aajate hain...ghar jaati hoon to ma shopping k liye tayar hoti hai.. i hate it.,.uff... and life k itne saare problems main..cherry on the cake is this vericode thing.. itna mushkil hai k bus.... ufff
    neways u tc

  89. How are things?
    P.S: We are very close to 100 now!

  90. Okay, so the score is 99 after hitting a '6'! And unlike Sachin, your post cannot get out at this score, so may it hit a century one of these days.

  91. i think we should delete HIS comment too.:)
    and technically its the 98th msg if we ignore HER and HIS msges... :D

    u still have this verification crap....tell the blog ppl u trust me

  92. Hello Maryum!

    In cricket, even if you get a few extras, the score still gets added to the partnership!

    So, never mind!

    Yours is the hundredth comment! Congratulations!

    @Stupidosaur: This is very embarrassing for me! I'm not at all that *that* I dropped on this post just out of curiosity. This is very embarrassing, but believe me, I had no intuition, nothing!

    And now that a century has anyway been scored, it shouldn't matter if someone else comments here, or should it?

    Take care, both of you.

  93. hey ketan!
    u dont have to embarrassed....its really okay ..i guess stupid will say the same thing... i was just being my mean/funny self.. nuthing else.. post as many comments on this blog as u want.. we can always delete them;)kidding ..
    and abt the 100th comment.. actually we never wanted to reach tht mark.. but as it has been done.. i think we shud aim for higher targets...

  94. :D

    Welcome back to the forUm Maryum! You were missed! And guess what, a little after you commented, Ketan commented on some post why a 'particular reader has gone missing' (he is reading all the posts in chronological order, and that too keeping track of every minute thing and analyzing everything! I am a little flattered, little freaked!) And suddenly after reading some more posts, for some reason, he clicked back to my very second post (cat's tail) and clicked through all posts till this one and saw your comment and commented! LOL! If he came without looking at email notification he must have recieved because of your commenting, it was really freaky! I was laughing!


    Whats there to be embarrassed?

  95. Stupidosaur,

    What is embarrassing is that I realized it'd be next to impossible for you to believe that I'd no idea Maryum had commented here.

    When I commented on that post as to Maryum is missing, I was curious to know when was last she'd commented anywhere on your blog. And I was ultra-shocked to find her comment on reaching here! I think, except for if you've been in touch with Maryum through email, you too must have been surprised to find her comment here.

    You know every morning/night I devote hours specifically to your blog, and do NOTHING ELSE! I don't even check my RSS feed or email. I read and respond to your posts in a 'tranced' mode.

    So after, I reached here, I was shocked to find Maryum's comment, and that made me forget my original purpose of coming to this post--to know when Maryum had last commented! I did return to this post yet again, only to see that, and imagine, the last comment between you two was more than a year back!

    That was another shocking realization. But the second time around, I thought it best to not verbalize my "what!".

    Hope that explains my reason for embarrassment!

    And are you more flattered or more freaked? Also you should be freaked only if you wouldn't know why am I going through your blog. But you know, right?

    BTW, as you must've realized by now, I'd read the entire thread on Stupidosaur-Maryum forum and completely enjoyed reading it! :)

    Maryum, a small welcome from me too, on your return to your own forum! :P


    PS: Stupidosaur, please don't be freaked; in my college, some of the class mates had christened my friends and me as 'harmless group'! You must trust their 'diagnosis'! :P

  96. @ stupid
    after reading ketan's message that he read our whole forUM... i read it again as well and it really is very entertaining.. i still dont know wht i asked u abt naach and road ... cant remember it .. it must be sumthing important...neways... cograts on getting a cyber stalker...rich and famous ppl have stalkers..
    ps i emailed u...did u get it ya yeh office wale bhi gmail k khilaf hian?
    pss. my veri code is thosis:)
    and it failed so the new vericodr is mongos....am i lukcy or what

  97. ketan.. i m glad u enjoyed the forUM...i enjoyed it too.. found a good friend through it ...
    dont u just hate the vericode thing?
    it sux big time..

  98. Maryum,

    I can't tell you how much do irritating is it to type in the vericode. I type these comments through my cell phone with T9 dictionary mode on. Mostly, it becomes very inconvenient for me to type in those words. And then, if a page stays loaded for a long time (during which I'd be typing my comment), the original code becomes invalidated and I've to type in a new code all over again! :(

    But then, this code-business serves Stupidosaur well. He can wishfully hope to get rid of a few cyber stalkers that way! :P Uska bas chale toh do-do vericode laga de! And now he anyway has an excuse, as one cyber stalker had left him a spam!

    Also some people get famous only because they're stalked by infamous cyber stalkers!



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