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A thought of the unthinking

Friday, May 23, 2008
These days even the most mundane is given a jazzy fancy name.
Then why not rickshaw drivers?
Good idea?
So what shall we call them?

How about autopilot?

( This morning, I was undergoing the normal routine of going to office.






So basically I was like a zombie on autopilot, and also remotely aware of it. Only as remotely as a zombie can be aware of anything at all.



Suddenly...a confluence of thought...
Mind on autopilot!
Eyes on autopilot!

Yeah thats exactly what my eyes which were on autopilot were actually on!
The Pilot of an Auto!
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  1. pehle reptile
    now zombie
    whats next human?
    beleive me its not worth teh effort..humanz ki life sucks...big time...
    ps. ignore me.. i dont know what i m saying.. abhi tak dimag jaaga nahi hai.. its my weekend thats why;)

  2. U said weekend on Thursday right?
    Aaj toh yahan Friday evening hai na!!!??? Aise kaise?

    So you are sleeping? Which is probably the most blissful experience. And still cribbing about human life! = )

    hmm now. There is a dilemma here.
    If I post this, I would end up not ignoring you. But if I do not post it, I would be ignoring you. But you would not know that I did exactly like you wanted :)

    So I post this and solemnly declare that I am ignoring you.

  3. thursday ko mera half day hota hai.. i come home.. eat... rest and thn shaam ko go out and thn come back home.. stay awake the whole night and watch tv or a movie or just enjoy being awake at night.. so i sleep friday ki subah 4, 5 am) and thn wake up late.. to thrsday friday dono weekend hoye na..

    and you are so right about sleeping.. its the best thing ever.. ur kinda dead.. without the tensions of this crappy world.. i love to sleep...sleeping tak human life is fine.. its what awaits after waking up thats bad... neways..
    i m fully awake now.. so stop ignoring me..

    how did ur document thing go? yeh sab bloggers gtalk kyun use karte hian.. what do u guys have against yahoo and msn messengers?


  4. //what do u guys have against yahoo and msn messengers?

    I am just a single guy (In all ways that it can be interpreted ;).

    So do not call me 'you guys'.
    (Oh wait how did you know about my multiple personalities? Ok fine I'll admit it. I AM we guys. You have already met Stupidosaur, Zombie, and the little kid who played airport-aorport with cousin. And then there are others)

    And none of us guys have anything against yahoo or msn personally. Except this unfortunate thing that happened to one of their friends, 'me':

    'Me' never had an email account first.
    Then me opened a Yahoo account to just to join the group of our college placement cell. I got placed and all was all very fine, but then I did not have much use of the account. I mean its ok if you have internet at home and check mail every now and then. But going to cyber cafe just to check mails which you know will not even be there, is ridiculous.

    These yahoo ppl have a chindi policy of inactivating your account if you dont use them for a certain not-so-very-large number of months.

    So when I next accessed my account, I had to get it 'reactivated' again according to their onscreen instructions. I thought OK fine! But when it got reactivated, I found that inbox and everything was empty. It was like a totally new account :(

    Now obviously I cant allow some dumb corporate giant play with my life and mails like that. But majboori thi, so I was stuck with it. (I mean yahoo never warned about such policies when I joined. So how would I know if I registered for another service and it had similar policy?)

    Then when our last year of college came to an end, one dude took up the initiative to form a google group of our class. So he sent gmail invites to those of us who did not have gmail accounts.

    Since that time I am quite satisfied with gmail. No problem if you never check mails. Your mails will collect, and not be deleted. It was the first service that offered >2GB mail storage.

    Plus one id gives me gmail,blogger,orkut,document uploding facility, reader, and whatnot!

    So after my Yahoo affair failed, I am happily married to Google. Never needed to look at MSN or anything else.

    I think this long comment could mean I have stopped ignoring you. right?

  5. Stupidosaur, Witty post! Enjoyed reading! :)

    I used to have quite a thing for Yahoo! At a point had got totally addicted to it. Yahoo messenger, yahoo answers, yahoo 360 (where my blog was originally located, but now the service has been discontinued by them).

    Surprising to know someone (apparently) as tech-savvy as you, didn't have a proper email ID till the final year. :) And that you didn't have a PC at home for that long. I'm getting to learn many things about you, which I hope you don't mind. :) TC.


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