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The PreityNess Of The Whole Affair

Wednesday, May 21, 2008
When she is Preity pleased with him, perhaps she will sing
"Yeh haseen Wadia..." from Roja.

When she is Preity cross with him, perhaps she will sarcastically call him "Your Royal High Ness".

Oh and what if one day she accidentally or deliberately lochs oops I mean locks him indoors? Will he act like a Loch Ness Monster when she returns?

Or will he call her a Loch Ness Monster instead from that day?

Wait we are talking about the super rich here. May be he will build a whole City, complete with a cricket stadium, for meeting her bare NesseCities of life!
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  1. hahahahaha..
    luved the last two lines:)

  2. I wish her all the good. They make a cute couple and she's quite level headed. That brings me to another pair that broke up --> Sen-Hooda. What happened there?

  3. Hey maryum, seems I will actually have to start using the # key again
    in my comments section.

    Mai kya jaanu?
    Maine kuchh nahin kiya.
    I am Stupidosaur.
    I like only Chhipkali.

    (Could I be talking about Rani Mukherji from the movie Nayak here?)

    Its pointless to fathom the mind of Stupidosaur. Why try?

  4. @ stupid

    our friendly conversations r in the 6 foot wala blog and that comment place is named the stupid and maryum forum..
    baaki blogs main u can use @# as many times as u get commented on...
    neways kal se main soch rahi hoon.. on ur last msg.. u wrote collar utha kar chal diye.... shudnt it be muh jhuka kar crawl kar diye.. kill me..
    ps. u wont be able to find me on facebook.. i m invisible there.. too many make fraanships there too.. so when u feel like adding me.. lemme know.. i'll add you myself..

  5. @ maryum

    After this comment I am going to go and use #/@ even on that very post you mentioned :) :( (yeah its such a bitter sweet thing huh? Cos it means there is some other commentor! :) and that our exclusivity is gone :(.

    Have to. No choice. Jaake dekho.

    //u wrote collar utha kar chal diye

    I meant I found a nice smelling dog collar made of high quality leather. I picked it up and walked away. Our reptilian brain has a real thing going for chewing leather you see.

    And yes we can walk away. Not necessarily crawl. Haven't you ever met my friend T-rex? He walks.
    I know, you must not have met. Thats why you are still alive to comment. But anyways now you can meet him. Just give my name and you'll be fine.

    ( I think after the dog-collar-chew confession, this time its truly
    "muh jhuka kar crawl kar diye"

    //kill me..

    As you can see next to statcounter, I am a nonviolent creature. But go T-Rex. Don't give my name. He'll gladly oblige.

    Or maybe go to T-Rex. Give my name. Tell him about your wish. Again he will gladly oblige.

    (I sure seem to be in a sick mood today)


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