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Tuesday, June 3, 2008
Me: Those were the good old days when I used to come up with jolly good stuff.
Now I am old (n years old I mean). So junior Stupidosaur has taken over from me.
But I dont really trust that reptile to run my blog.
So I slyly sent him to Steven Spillbeans (The famous director of Saying Private Yarn and its sequel Saying Private Rant) to audition for a role in the next movie.

While he is away, let me entertain you with a mental recollection of what I had once written in my diary long back.....

Boss (to a junior who has been blowing his own trumpet since quite a while in the meeting) :
Will you please stop going round and round in circles. You are not covering any area here. We are all waiting for that glorious time when you start making a point.

Junior: (Stops mid-action in mock mime joker fashion. Turn to boss slowly):
So...err..you mean to say that all this while I was going round and round in circles?

Boss: (Stern) That is correct.

Junior: You mean my talk was not covering any area?

Boss: (arms folded defensively. Jowls showing slight pink of muffled frustration): Hmmm

Oh but you are saying, that my talk was going round and round in circles, without covering any area. But a circle that does not cover any area is a circle with radius zero. And a circle with radius zero in what we call a point. So you see, I was actually making a point!
Shame on you. You don't even know basic school geometry!

(Junior walks away doing a jig, thinking merrily of that new job he landed through that website!)
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  1. ___________________

    Ek tera point liya. Ek mera point add kiya. Aur point se point milaya to ban gayi ek line segment :D

    Q: Guess which song I am listening to right now?

    Ans: Taal se taal mila. Isliye banayi line segment. Point se point mila ;)

  2. @urv

    Bahut hi funda mara! mereku kuch nahin samjha :P , except that you are listening to that song from taal.

    Stupidosaur? Spillbeans knows.
    Junior Employee? You think boss will take him back after this?
    or Me? I am busy these days. So blog may be a bit in sleep mode.

  3. i was asking abt the stupid guy as u said
    //While he is away, let me entertain you

    and by "he" u meant stupid guy.. and by "me" u meant urself..haina????
    so i was just asking abt stupid guy..
    ignore me i m in some dumb un-understandable mode...mujhe khud apna likha hoya msg samjh nahi araha...

  4. ~stupidosaur
    //Bahut hi funda mara! mereku kuch
    nahin samjha

    Muhahaha :D reason is ke main secretly tujhe bin bataye Shankhpushpi ki ek litre ki bottle chhada gaya hun..

  5. @maryum
    //and by "he" u meant stupid guy.. and by "me" u meant urself..haina????

    Ekkkdum kkkurrekt!

    Fikar not. mujhey tumhara message samajh mein aa gaya. Totally. Even without scheming urv's shakhpushpi

    Saaley. Ek toh shakhapushpi chada gaya, upar se 'Muhahah' karkey apni free toothbrush se ghisey huey daant dikha raha hai!

    Mera toh abhi tak order deliver bhi nahin hua. Address teek se diya tha ya nahin?

  6. @ stupid and urv
    u both are funny:D:D:D:
    ps2stupid: why am i not receiving teh followup comments in my mail?????? its pathetic.. fix it

  7. ~stupidosaur
    Maine address to thik hi diya tha. Unko bola tha ki Bannerghatta National Park ke interiors mein rehta hai ek last-of-its-type stupidosaur :D (smiling without brushing)

    //u both are funny
    Thank you :D (aapko brush karke smile de raha hun)

  8. @urv

    damn! I should've known I couldn't trust you to get that simple job done right.

    'Bannerghatta'! mein aisi purani style ki fatichar jagah mein thodi rehta hoon!

    Banner kitna crude hota hai.
    Aajkal cool Neon Sign Board ka zamana hai.

    Hum National nahin, international quality jagah mein rehte hain.

    Isliye mein ab NeonSignBoardGhatta Inyernational Park mein rehta hoon.

    Ghar shift karney ka ek aur reason bhi tha. Wahan pe I was last of my kind. I had heard iss naye jagah mein aur bhi hai. Some even female :)
    But not found any yet.

    And you think I care if you smile with or without brushing your teeth? After all, what I will see on your teeth is basically hit-fleeing mosquitos (I was tempted to write hit-fleaing , but the meaning would have been lost). For us stupidosaurs, mosquitoes are the most pleasant sight (slurp).
    Infact when I find that female Saur, (yeah punjabi kudis are called Kaur, stupidosaur ladies are called Saur), I'll make sure there are a lot of dead mosquitos on my teeth. Saurs really dig that!

    //ps2stupid: why am i not receiving teh followup comments in my mail?????? its pathetic.. fix it

    I really did not understand.
    Blame urv's undelivered Shakhapushpi.

  9. ~stupidoSAUR
    Mera dimaag(haan, mere paas dimaag hai) chakra gaya hai. tera naam bhi to stupidoSAUR hai. to tu male hai ya female.

  10. @stupid guy and urv
    i m receiving emails now...so if u fixed it thank u ..

    @stupid guy and urv
    u both carry on talking.. i m enjoying ur mosquito saur talk wayy too much..

  11. I know tere paas dimag hai.
    But it has shankhapushpi deficiency

    When I said
    // had heard iss naye jagah mein aur bhi hai. Some even female :)

    I meant that the new location is rumoured to have some female stupidosaurs, and I am on a lookout for them. Which obviously implies I am male. We reptiles don't suffer some preference anomalies like humans.

    Lagta hai tereko nakli Shankhpushpi thama gaya koi.
    Warna aise sawal kyun puchhega tu?:
    //tera naam bhi to stupidoSAUR hai. to tu male hai ya female?

    Our species is collectively called the stupid-o-saur species.
    Individually, a male is called Stupid and a female is called Saur.
    Confusion kahan hai?

    Smart Maryum ko dekh. Woh bina mere kuchh explain kiye hi sab samajh gayi. So she always calls me Stupid!

    Hi Maryum!

  12. hahahahhaahhaha!!!!
    @ stupid ka comment
    and hi to you too...
    hi to u too urv...

  13. ~stupidosaur
    Ab itna logic deduction power hota mere paas to to ho chuka na. Thanks for the explanation. Ab main achhi tarah se samajh gaya hun ki males are called saur, females are called stupid, and the place where u live is called stupidosaur. Properly understood ;)

    Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (abhi abhi orkut se logout kiya isliye itne saare eyes)

  14. I shall say


    *stop looking kids*

    holy fucking shit!


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