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Life is smiley?

Thursday, July 17, 2008
This happened quite some time back.
Stupidosaur was chatting with a friend while in a bad mood.

Friend types,
"How is life?"
Stupidosaur types,
" :("
(which of course got faithfully converted into the corresponding yellow circular graphics when sent)
Stupidosaur who as we know is a slave to wierd internal feedback circuits, after looking at the sent message visible on screen immediately types,
" So life is :(..."
"Does that mean life is Smiley?"
Strange ironic confusion of the cyber world eh?
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  1. Hey Stupid,
    The answer is up. Your turn to pose a question.

  2. life definitely is full of emotions so i guess an "emoticon" is not far fetched!!!

  3. yeah sol,
    by now you know that I know.

    maybe you did not get it.
    The post was not about me being philosophical like Forrest Gump's Momma
    "Life is like a box of chocolates..."

    I was not referring to life as 'emoticon' because of all its 'emotions'.

    In fact word 'emoticon' would make the whole post meaningless.

    The joke (or at least the wit) was this.

    The question was "How is life"

    I replied ":("
    meaning...Life is Sad, Scowly and such.

    And then immediately within two seconds, based on the well known fact that every emoticon is known as a Smiley,

    I replied
    "Does that mean life is smiley?"

    See how the same visible message on messenger can be interpreted in two contradictory manners?

    "Life is :("
    "Life is sad"
    "Life is smiley"

    I hope my early morning groggy dicourse did not make you comfortably numb.

    If it did, glad I was able to make you feal totally in your elements, totally yourself.

    Do drop by sometimes...


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